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  1. Seeing as how its looking more and more likely that we'll be seeing full Mango rollout August/September then it's looking likely that Eclipse will have Mango features right out of the gate including live tile support (more on that another time) and fast resume.

  2. is first half 2011 almost over?

    There were a few delays due to App Hub registration (all sorted now as of yesterday) so not quite there yet, but new laptop coming in the next few days which should speed along the process and depending on when the game is finished it may be Mango ready at launch. There are actually 2 games currently in development using variations on the same game engine but I'm not quite ready to announce the other game just yet :)

  3. Nice and my favourite weapon powerup shown as well :-)

    The weapons from Eclipse: First Wave pretty much remain, there are slight differences though, and a few new weapons thrown in for good measure. The next screens I show will show off some new weapons including a 'charge' weapon.

  4. Windows Phone = Windows Mobile 6.5 and up... so TG01 is on Windows Phone...

    But since WP7 the confusion exists... So this game will only exists on WP7 ???

    That is correct, wp7 only I'm afraid

    I'll have a few screenshots available sometime this weekend.

  5. Hi again, can I make a small request please?

    I have a TG01 which has no buttons or dpad, could you please make this game playable without buttons? I have tried a number of similar games but they rely on using buttons which makes them unusable on the TG01.

    Thanks again Midnight and welcome back

    Well, this game is for Windows Phone, and so isnt compatible with Windows Mobile (and it uses touchscreen only, no buttons).

    In fact, tahts a good point, MoDaCo does now seem rather confusing as Windows Mobile and Windows Phone seems to have merged yet they are two completely different OS's

  6. Cant wait, I loved original Eclipse on my E120 and C550 and I miss it now I have upgraded and if its as good as the original then i'm sold


    Well this isnt exactly the same as the original as the original was in the same vein as R-Type. This isnt Eclipse 2, its a spin-off.

    There is one infinitely long level that is randomly generated (it uses a random seed so it is the same every time you play it however), and as you play the game gets faster and faster and throws more and more enemies at you. This is then split into Zones, this is quite simply a small break in the action to update you on your score etc. as there will be no interface on screen as you play. Its more about getting a high score rather than completeing levels, think of it as the shooter equivelant of Robot Unicorn Attack. There is more to the game than that but dont want to reveal everything just yet :D

    Eclispe: Hypernova will however keep the same style as Eclipse: First Wave just brought up to date with some nice effects and it runs at 800 x 480 of course and its currently a steady 30fps.

    Controls will also differ from the original to cater more for touch screens. You can touch anywhere on the screen and when you drag the ship moves the same. This means you can drag your finger around without obstructing the ship and no clumsy on screen direction arrows.

    I'll keep this topic updated with new screenshots over the coming weeks, and before release I will add a video of the gameplay.

  7. eclipse_title.png

    I am proud to announce Eclipse: Hypernova a spin off of the award winning shoot-em-up Eclipse: First Wave which was released for both Windows Mobile and Neonode N1.

    Eclipse: Hypernova has you in control of an out of control speeding ship destroying waves of enemies and avoiding scenery while collecting 'power-ups' and 'power-downs'.


    Randomly generated 'zones' within an infintely long game.

    Constant speed increase (with speed power-down to collect if the action gets a little too quick) making the game tougher the further you go.

    Power Ups to increase weapon effectiveness.

    Many different enemies including 'mini-bosses'

    Changes of scenery as you complete each zone.

    30fps gameplay.

    Multi-layer parallax scrolling.

    Local and online highscores.

    ...and more

    Eclipse: Hypernova is exclusive to Windows Phone and is due for release first half 2011.

    Please note: as this game is classed as 'in-development', features and or art may be subject to change.

  8. Well I was going to post a very different topic/announcement tonight but due to incidents that have happened (or not happened) today that announcement is on hold so instead I decided to have a bit of a rant about APP Hub registration instead.

    Now without going into too much detail, the registration for the APP Hub is as follows:

    Enter your details and register as an individual or business

    Pay $100 (£75) for a 1 year subscription

    Recieve an email from Geotrust so that you can get authorised

    Recieve an email from Geotrust to provide ID

    Recieve a phone call from Geotrust to provide more details

    Register/unlock your phone

    Submit Apps

    Now that process should take less than 24 hours up to the point of providing Geotrust with ID to ensure you are who you say you are.

    And here is the kicker, you MUST provide a Passport or Driving License, thats it, no other form of ID is accepted. Now for many people this isnt a problem, but me, I dont have either and they WILL NOT accept any other form of ID.

    So, I have paid £75 to Microsoft that they took with no fuss, just input your card details, here, take my money. And then AFTER you have paid this they then question who you are, surely the fact that I have paid with my credit card registered to my address, that very same address I used on signup, that very same account I would use to (hopefully) make money off games that I submit would be enough verification of who I am.

    Now Microsoft and Geotrust have a solution to this..... go out and get a valid Photo ID (at even more expense, £50 for prov driving license, £70+ for passport and we know these things can take weeks).

    I know this is only a personal issue and I'm sure many developers signing up do not have this problem, but I'm sure I wont be the only one.

    So my message to Microsoft is this..... developers exist outside of the US, we have different laws, we have different identification methods, accept other methods of ID (birth certificate along with P45/P60/Pay Slip, household bills)

    Anyhoo, rant over, hopefully this is sorted soon and post what I originally intended :P

  9. Boo! :lol:

    Yup, Awarner is correct, Kumite was in quite an advanced state of development but with no strict specs for Windows Mobile many manufacturers not only left out diagonal controls, which in itself is bad enough, but also made it so that you couldn't even press two hardware keys at the same time. I'm glad to see MS taking a stricted approach to minimum hardware specs this time and also pushing games pretty hard (and quite rightly so)

  10. Ok, some comments :o ...

    Ridge Racer - one of the gems of the PSP launch, screw real physics, this game is all about fun, and it has it in droves, lots of replay value until you actually complete it and unlock all secrets

    Lumines - Best puzzle game since Tetris, graphically not amazing (doesnt need to be, its a puzzle game), but the music and sound effects are awesome

    WipeOut Pure - Graphically the best game available at the moment (has some lovely bloom effects), forget the disaster that was WipeOut Fusion on the PS2, this is the best version of WipeOut yet, and SCEE keep adding to it with track, ship, skin and music(soon) downloads.

    Hot Shots Golf - My most played game at the moment, this game is totally addictive even if you dont like golf games (girlfriend borrowed my PSP and its all she played for 2 weeks, had a hard time getting the thing back off her :()

  11. Ridge Racers (JP)

    Wipeout Pure (US)

    Lumines (JP)

    Hot Shots Golf (US)

    waiting for extreme ghouls and ghosts, pursuit force, burnout legends, gt4 mobile (and Tekken/Soul Calibre whenever they will arrive) :o oh, and lemmings looks cool aswell, but worried about how the controls will be

  12. of course soon you wont have any choice in upgrading cos games will REQUIRE the 2.0 update to actually run (even some films require the upgrade before you can watch them). Personally, I wanna play state of the art games not emulated ones, if i wanted to play emulated games i'd get a gamepark (or just use my PC) :o

  13. ms clamping down? on what? to be quite honest the info regarding magneto has been sketchy at best, MS need to start a euphoria regarding their devices, not stop people from posting small amounts of info.

    Who here feels that maybe PPC is the best way to go and that MS Smartphone is gonna be dead as a dodo within 2 yrs? or even, dare i say it, other OS's will beat MS in the Smartphone area?

    I'm an MS Smartphone fan, but over the past few months, MS Smartphone has been swallowed up by other tech. and without info regarding the next OS i cant help but look elsewhere for my next fix

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