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  1. Was in the paper that some woman from Singapore has now beaten the record by 23 seconds
  2. We're on the ball, we're on the ball
  3. Don't diss Jacket, He is da man
  4. Once again the spectre of Heskey looms on the horizon to dash England's hopes
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Aren't you from Wales, i thought you'd be supporting France?
  7. Chirac and Blair have done a deal and it'll be one all as long as we agree to sign up the the constitution. :D
  8. ******, He He you shouldn't leave your number plate on the photo people will be recognising you on the road , EDIT : removed number!
  9. Congratulations Dowie and John Harbin- We taught them everything at Oldham and its good to see some old boys doing well. They need a hell of a lot of new players and even then it'll be a struggle, but if they survive maybe they can be challenging Man United in mid table in a few years :)
  10. Have you tried using the 'add new network place' wizard in network connections and browsing for the other computer. I'm on a wireless network and i just set up the workgroup used that wizard and everything works well. Its really useful having the ability to print off a printer attached to a computer downstairs so i dont have to have a printer in my room
  11. I got to ski La Sarenne a few times, Alpe D'huez is probably the best place for actual skiing ive been, though St Anton beats it for night life. Glad to here you are on teh road to recovery. The worst ive evr done skiing (and in fact evr) was fracturing my wrist on a dry slop in training for a ski holiday!
  12. just lost an hour of my life thanks to that rugby game, my top socre was 158683 but at least now Japan can boast a world cup final victory over the aussies!
  13. Same here, just cos i kept trying to post pictures of him dressed as a butterfly!
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