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  1. EricG89

    PANTECH PN-820

    Anyone have any info on this phone? I know it's fairly new, but I can't seem to find any good information on it. Such as unlocking, mp3 playback ?? (does it need special software, can it play while it's not opened, etc). I heard it dosnt have a vibrate feature... is that true? Where can I buy it w/o a service plan? (not too many listings on eBay) This phone seems perfect for me, it's small, can play mp3s, can take decent pictures, can get TomTom installed for GPS, and it's CDMA. I want to use it on US Cellular right now and maybe switch to sprint later with a data plan (will that work?).
  2. I was wondering, how do I find out which phones (unlocked) work on U.S. Cellular? Is it all CDMAs? Also I was wondering if there was a phone similar to Nokia 5300 Xpress Music that is on works on U.S. Cellular or has CDMA technology. It dosnt have to be a slider phone but I really don't have a need for the QWERTY pad, and it would keep it small if it didnt have it on there. I'm not looking for a big fat Treo 700 wx, just something small that can run WM5, takes decent photos, and plays mp3s well. Also fairly good battery life is important. I have a axim x51v and just find that its too big to carry around all the time (and theres no camera which my digital one broke :D ) I've looked for a while now, I can't seem to find the perfect phone for me :( I wouldn't mind waiting a few months if they are comming out with something as I described, but I don't know where to look for phones that arn't out yet. p.s. I also need it to have bluetooth :-/ Thanks ppls in advance ;)
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