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  1. Switch to airplane mode straight away, then go into google play settings and tell it not to auto update apps. Then turn on data/wifi again.
  2. Notifications don't depend on the main app being running, usually just a background service. I run exchange mail, aqua mail, falcon and whatsapp, no issues with notifications. I also give no problem with animations, I set them to 0.5 which I do on every Rom.
  3. 220 too small for me. interestingly, I couldn't edit my build.prop, so I reapplied adaway and I could edit it again!
  4. Just a quick update. RC1 is running brilliantly for me, fast, smooth, no lags. Battery on standby is comparable to stock. My steps when installing: Grand Apps and adb root access in developer options. FIrst install adaway - this seems to unlock somthing in root Second, install selinux switcher, and swithch it from whatever it was to the other option. This then seems to let system utils like rom toolbox have full control, so I can change ad blocker, modify the boot animation, delete aand restore apps with no issues.
  5. It you're using twrp, do the following Advanced wipe cache, dalvik, system, data. Then flash teh rom and gapps at the same time then reboot.
  6. Ok. found out why you can't delete system apps and change some things. By default Kit Kat put the device in selinux enforced mode. Download selinux mode changer from Google play and set it to permissive.
  7. I don;t like any of the battery iocns - I like a percentage, and none are clear enough. CM10.x are much better, but it isn`t the end of the world.
  8. If you`re having root problems, try installing adaway and running it, then do all the stuff you need to have full root for before rebooting, eg editting build.prop. It seems to somehow change some permissions that are reverted on reboot.
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