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  1. I have finally got the guts to flash my ROM for the first time. Is there a way I can save my operator settings e.g. internet settings, voicemaill settings, sms settings so I can restore quickly after flashing? Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes you can use a programme like media monkey to tag the tracks so that the track number comes before the name. Was having the same problem and it worked for me.
  3. I have the same issue with heat from the back but below where the battery is. Particularly when web browsing. Hope its a ROM issue rather than a hardware fault. I am running the T-Mobile UK rom.
  4. After trying out lots of different music players on my Omnia I have found Pocket player to be the best so far. It works a dream with the simpliQVGA skin that you can download from there website. You can get a 30 day trial so well worth a go,
  5. I am going to Mexico in a week so could do with something like this. Does it work ok? Do all the setting go back to normal when you turn it off?
  6. Has anyone got VTap working on the Omnia? When I try to run the CAB it doesnt do anything.
  7. Im struggling to get these skins running. I have SPB Shell 2 installed. Have installed the mobile skins folder to the root of the storage. Run the MortScript and get the message ".mcr and .mortrun extensions registered". I then try to run Install_WQVGA and get the message "cannot find Spb Mobile Shell version 2.0". Is anyone able to help. Thanks.
  8. I notice in the Omnia version of Opera the default search engine is yahoo which is rubbish. The beta version has google. Anyway to change it? Also is there a way to get rid of the zoom function you get on the right of the screen as I am always doing it accident. Tried installing the beta version on the omnia but it has a very annoying keyboard bug where it always defaults to the standard windows mobile keyboard!
  9. Yeh works really well. Can anyone tell me how to get the touch volume control aspect of it to work though?
  10. Thanks Neil am impressed with Pocket Tunes. Any good skins that make it more finger friendly? Also it doesnt seem to fit the whole screen.
  11. Anyone know how to remove the terrible loud start up music?
  12. Can anyone tell me where the full stop is? I cant find it in the symbols!
  13. Brilliant thanks! Any way to get a long hold of the same button to put it back to sleep?
  14. Anyone know of a good 3rd party music player. Not to impressed with the touch player.Tried S2P also but it has an anoying habbit of putting the tracks in alphabetical order. I am favouring windows media player at the moment but thats not much kop either!!
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