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  1. If anyone is still interested you can get it from carphone warehouse on all networks now. You can also get it through tesco mobile shop with £35 cashback through quidco and top cash back and 10000 tesco clubcard points. The contract through tesco is cheaper then carphone warehouse on o2 for some reason!
  2. Yeah I did, will reflash with friendstream and see if that helps. Cheers for your help :)
  3. I recently baked a Rom and now my phone is constantly syncing. I can go into settings Nd stop it buy then when it sync the next time it won't stop. Has anyone else had this problem? Daz
  4. Car phone warehouse website says it is avalible from Vodafone. I am after this phone but due to poor signal in my area I cant use Vodafone! Hopefully O2 will pick this device up Daz
  5. Hi, I am using the zip downloaded for bootloader 0.80, When it says "Copy update.zip to sd card DO NOT RENAME IT" This file is not in the zip. Where do i copy this from? Also when running "step1-windows.bat" I am getting "FAILED: (remote: 43 main version check fail) Any help would be appreciated! Daz EDIT: Finally rooted using unrevoked. http://unrevoked.com/recovery/ Just make sure that you have got 7-zip installed so that it does not run as an executable file like I did :P http://www.7-zip.org/ (Using Windows 7)
  6. I am currently looking to upgrade from my Hero to a new phone, but the big question is what phone to get? I want a phone with a physical keyboard! Touch screen has been slowly annoying me from day 1 of the hero, and i have had it for just over a year! If possible, I want a phone that Paul creates custom ROMs for because they are awesome. Daz
  7. I think I might come back to be fair. 7 hours after full charge and its nearly dead! But looking at some of the roms when, or should that be if, 2.1 comes out it should be pretty good.
  8. Cheers for the help. I've installed a Android 2.1 port from HTC Legend in the end. Runs smoothly but there is a few little bugs in it.
  9. I have installed the latest custom rom. Looking on the android market i cant find google maps as i uninstalled it by accident! Any idea why?
  10. Thats what i meant :) . Will edit it now.
  11. Not sure if anybody knows about this but i stumbled on this by accident. If you hold down the home button while the screen is unlocked it open a window with 6 of your last opened programs. Just thought i would share it, Daz
  12. I did! Waiting around for it to be delievered now. Man i hate waiting! Daz
  13. Mine is coming tomorrow :) The upgrade price on the website was £166. I phoned up orange and i ended up getting the phone for £66, on £40\month 18 month contract. With this contract i get 1200 minutes, unlimited texts, 500mb internet per month and use of orange maps.
  14. Just been looking on xda website and found a link to some offical htc ROM's. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=435512
  15. This is interesting, just tried it with my serial number, ht745gc and it came up update not avalible. Tried changing it as above and these are what i got: ht749gc is invalid ht748gc was sweedish update ht747gc is french ht746gc is portuguese (can't spell) ht745gc is invalid ht744gc is spanish ht743gc is invalid ht742gc is invalid ht741gc is invalid Countryman upload it to rapidshare or somewhere and i will happly download and test the WWE version.
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