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  1. Hi for me stock ICS ROM I used to get 4-5 days out of it but now its only just 2 with v light use. For me this is the only drawback of this rom wonder if this will get better? Wonder what was so different about how it used battery?
  2. Hi excellent ROM seems petty for talking about bugs but here they are anyway lol Battery seems hungrier, battery stats say 45% WiFi usage Chrome (& beta) scrolling is jumpy (stock browser is OK) White light for new text notification(?) That's it! ROM is a tribute to the hard work and patience of everyone involved esp Daz! Ps antutu score of 3922!
  3. Hi just wondered if you can install cwm but use the stock huawei ICS rom with it? (Restored from backup) This would enable me to try this rom 'risk free' but restore the one I'm on now and used to
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