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  1. Thanks for looking into this. FYI I have found that if I <freeze> VLingo with TitaniumBackup, and then install Cyberon VoiceCommander, then it works: VoiceCommander starts when I press the headset button. So it looks like VoiceCommander hooks in correctly when VLingo is not there, but is unable to override the VLingo setting if Vlingo is active. This leads me to believe that there is a bluetooth setting somewhere that can be changed, but is locked by VLingo when it is active. I am new to Android, but in the Windows Mobile world this would be in a registry key somewhere...
  2. If you can fix this for KE7, does this mean that I could change the behaviour of the button on my bluetooth headset to start Cyberon Voice Commander (as opposed to starting the VLingo Voice Command supplied by Samsung). Voice Dialing does not work with VLingo, but it does with Cyberon. Now I need to figure out how to start it with my headset. I am new to Android and Linux, but this is exactly what I had to do to get my Samsung Omnia (Windows Mobile) to work. My phone is rooted BTW. Thanks.
  3. I have the same problem, noticed it since IAxxx ROM versions with the new Samsung Volume control interface. This app is buggy, and I am looking at how to remove it to get back at the Winmo standard interface for volume control.
  4. How about asking if they are ever going to fix the bug with Bluetooth Headset and Microsoft Voice Command not working, i.e. not possible to use the headset to speak commands to VC.
  5. Maybe this will help: create the MMS (GPRS) connection under "My MMS Connections", separate from your "My Work Network" or whatever you used for the regular GPRS. Then under the MMS settings, choose this MyMMS connection. I use this setup since enabling push email with Windows Live: because the GPRS connection is essentially constantly used, there was a 'fight' going on any time I sent/received an MMS between the regular GPRS connection and the MMS which were both defined under 'My Work Network'.
  6. I guess it all depends what you are looking for: - For me, if I assign a Birthday to a Contact, it will appear in the list of 'events' when I select the given day in the Calendar. I just did a quick test and Birthdays do not seem to appear on the appointment list in the today screen. I do not mind, because: - I use S2U2, and the Birthdays will appear on the S2U2 lock screen along with all the upcoming appointments (up to 3 days in my case). - Finally, you can look at this free Birthday app: http://pda.jasnapaka.com/ I used to use it, and it is a Today Plug-in that works very well. I do not recall if you can set it to lauch an audio reminder, though. I use Thumbcal as a calendar app. It's not free, but much, much better that the basic one.
  7. I have no problems on Fido... But I do know that the settings are not the same for Rogers, even though it is the same network. Have a look on Howardforums I am quite sure I have seen MMS settings for Winmo devices for Rogers posted there.
  8. I can help you out on one point: finger scrolling... Just press the DPAD and it will bring up a grid of letters, press one of the letters and it will bring you to the first entry of that letter.
  9. I use Spam alert in this manner all the time... Just bring up the phonepad during a call, and the pressed digits are sent through. I'm using version 1.1. Curious to understand why it would not work for you... (I have the Samsung phonepad disabled in the registry).
  10. SUCCESS (for me anyway) I now have no problems whatsoever using S2U2 and Spam alert: In S2U2, set the following: - CallerID = OFF - On Wake up, delay(ms) the start of S2U2 = 500ms When a call comes in, phone wakes up and I see the Spam alert incoming call screen. No problems pressing the Answer or Decline buttons. CallerId is shown. When a SMS comes in, I get the notification and the S2U2 screen If I just turn on the phone, I get the S2U2 screen.
  11. I am going to play around with some S2U2 settings to see if I can get it to cooperate with Spam alert... You may want to try the latest (memory resident) version of Sunscape. I tried earlier versions, but it was buggy. This last version looks a lot better (read the posts, you want the latest version not the Stable one). http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=416843 P.S.: When I was testing, I had to increase the screen sensitivity setting in Sunscape (I think it is called pressure point value) from 1 to 5 in order to be able to unlock the screen without furiously wiping it... If S2U2 does not work, I will give this a try once more.
  12. I also had the Omnia dialer diasbled before I tried Spam alert... I do not think it is necessary as Spam alert replaces the dialer completely. Have you seen this with S2U2 (Incoming CallerId also disabled): If my phone has been inactive for some time and a call comes in, Spam alert does not S2U2 when S2U2 wakes up. I only see the S2U2 screen (frozen, no slide to unlock animation). If I press to the bottom left part of the screen (where The Spam alert answer button is located), the Spam alert screens appears and the call has been answered. If I short-press the power button or the phone has been inactive for a short time, all is OK: S2U2 screen briefly appears then the Spam alert screen allowing me to see who is calling and pressing either answer or ignore buttons. It obviously has something to do with the phone and what S2U2 does when it wakes up. Any S2U2 settings available to solve this ?
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