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  1. hi if galaxy tab show gsm and computer try odin select repartition and flash it with P1_add_hidden.pit it allow you to charge normally, wait one hour then put it bootloader mode and flash it done
  2. hi normally if you change your lcd and yu dont have light it seems maybe a problem with you lcd or something damaged on you flat cable ( cable between screen and motherboard that s all) it means to check both
  3. herald p4350 vodafone nl hello everybody, :) i have a problem with my p4350, after an upgrade with pdaviet my htc freeze on startup, i was trying to flash it with an older firmware, not possible: invalid vendor id, impossible to have his original firmware(only vodafone have it) , i want to ask if someone can make a copy of his p4350 vodafone nl with nbh extract? or someone have this firmware, it will be kindly from you, many thank, and i know many others with this^problem, ( i cannot access to nl support because i m located in belgium)
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