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  1. Thanks for that idea - however it doesn't seem to work. Dunno if its because the phone's out pf power, and it needs to be turned of for activesynch to recognise it... Well I guess its time to troll thru the postings again :-)
  2. I've went out and scored an SPV E100 off Ebay as a bit of an experiment - if I like the smartphone thing I'll invest some $$$$ into an O2 or some such. Anyhow, my experiment has hit a bit of a speedbump. The charger that came with the phone is a british one (I'm in Oz) and the plug-in end has crapped out anyway. I've bought a data cable off Ebay that works fine for data transfer, but doesn't carry any charge to the phone. I then scored a charger cable (also off Ebay) to suit o2 XDA2, iMate, MDA, HTC, Qtec PDA. Piece of crap STILL doesn't charge! Any tips on how to charge this sucker up so I can play with it? Mick
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