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  1. Just found a link to this on the web.. http://promos.asus.com/US/CES2008/asusces2008_events.html looks like the 7th is a date to set in all our calenders :(
  2. So its finaly here the WM6 right from HTC goto http://member.htc.com only for original HTC S620 and registered users IMEI requiered... if you can find it on the web, you need to first SUPER CID unlock before it can be installed... file name HTC_S620_WWE_1.27.405.1_4.1.13.44_02.94.90_Ship.exe just to make sure... ;) Have it running on my original unlocked S620... super coool
  3. It has a jogger.... BTW think January for release !!! :)
  4. #1 Go Look here http://smartphonedubai.com/groupee/forums/...05194#245105194 #2 What u mean ? #3 Under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMRU there is a "key" called "InitialOrder" this is also a List just fill in the apps you want, but be careful its in reverse order !
  5. Very slick actually I had a SP3i before and the WiFi works really well. I have both the KJAM and the SP5m, the SP5m is just great for sitting on the sofa, whilst the wife is watching some soap, i can browse around the web, and get away with it, for posting here the KJAM with the keyboard is just the Job.....but sometimes it just has to be my powerbook...just a pity that I have to go on to my Windows box to sync..but hopefully that will change soon.. Out on the Town last night the SP5m is just the deal and a quick connect to the free WiFi, in the hotels here allows for a quick email-check...much faster than with GPRS in the past..
  6. No I live in Dubai so I bought it a Source fully unbranded, but it came App locked and also with a bunch of stuff on the phone, with a HARD reset the Apps were gone and in true imate tradition you cant get them to reinstall either on their web site or on the package CD. I used the TyphoonUtils..and PHM regedit to "Open" the `TypoonUtils does not run on the phone, but only with the combination of running this one and then editing the REG works ! So as Expansys gets the retail imate products I would be aware, although my SPm had the WWE ROM for some unknown reason `i have an English/Arabic KEYBOARD on the phone !
  7. So the SP5m is AppLocked but thanks to http://www.modaco.com/INFO_Decert_SIM_Unlo...50-t222786.html No More...
  8. Hi, just a few shots to let you see how the SP5m compares to the KJAM.. Any Questions ?
  9. I have a SP3 I have REMOVED all the Arabic support (Here in Dubai) and it works perfectly with PocketTV, I watched a movie on my phone during the flight back from KSA tonight...
  10. according to someone over on howardforums an original MPX200 car charger will charge the phone...I have found a no name extendable (retractable) USB cable which also allows me to charge from other sources...
  11. Upgrade your SPV's C500 performance You can improve the performance of your SPV C500 by downloading the new ROM update. This will give you the following benefits: Videos can be sent via MMS Flickering issue in games has now been fixed Packet video full screen mode and backlight fix Improved memory management of the camera and video applications Improved browsing/upload speed (changed from GPRS class 8 to class 10) Here it is ! ^_^
  12. SP3 NO DUST (3 weeks old now) NO JAVA (Yep it ant there) No ISSUES with the Backlight it works as stated So the SP3 does have a different OS than the C500 and the people who are reporting a hardware problem with the Backlight are looking in the wrong area... :roll: The SP3i will be out here (Dubai) within the next few weeks and my mother in law (God Bless her grave ..ooops) will be bringing me an SDA/SDA Music from germany so I'll get back on that comparison later... ^_^
  13. this is not an issue on a sp3 works always so i guess orange has a problem Posted from my SmartPhone!
  14. You know would it not just be as effective to get one of those CAR TO USB plug in adaptors and do the mod in the adaptor, that way you can use your standard cable or one of the retractable ones 8) “PDA USB Car Charger Adaptor USB Car Charger Adaptor plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and allows you to safely and rapidly charge your handheld device. With output connector of USB female head, this portable USB Car Charger Adaptor can be used with a following USB sync cable to sync and charger your PDA or mobile phone” Example here :-
  15. oooooops...sorry went on sale SIM UNLOCKED today here in Dubai for AED 1700 :lol: ......guess we beat every one AGAIN...and the SP3i goes on sale on Thursday..oh and the Nokia 9500 at the weekend...oh and did I mention all new versions of the I-Mate MDA will be on sale come Sunday.... :)
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