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  1. good catch, larry. is there a formal way i am to join the beta test? i clock in a good 5 hours of phone gaming every weekday due to lecture hall attendance requirements. were i able to play for more than four minutes at a time, i'd supply lengthy feedback regularly. you can also email new builds straight to my blackjack for a full report. ;) in case you didn't catch this on your blog: http://bitbank.wordpress.com/2007/03/03/sm...s-out/#comments keep up the good work!!
  2. i have noticed another bug- in genesis emulation...my main example is the sonic games, i.e. "sonic and knuckles 3". there is an error in sprite display- when you jump into water, there's a splash, with no shaded "water" area- instead, as soon as the water comes on screen (for instance, if you walk into the area), the entire screen receives that overlay. perhaps there is some sort of code for masking/binding a shaded area which smartgear is missing? cheers! i'm looking forward to giving you more extensive bug reports without a 5 minute gameplay limit ;)
  3. try keeping the rom as a .ZIP file - works great for me.
  4. larry, i'm now familiar for why theres no save function ;) i posted in your blog, but you might not have seen it: 1) as previously mentioned, the “extra bar” issue in the main gui. it’s still there even when smartgear is closed! 2) in mapping keys, it recognizes G and H as 5, J and K as 6. when dialing on the phone, that is how it groups the buttons - but perhaps you should set it to only recognize the letters? 3) regarding the high pitched tones from the NES emulator - i a/b’ed with another emulator and yours is coming out exactly 1 note higher for all songs, etc. if there is some sort of audio transpose you can do, just knock it down 1 half step and you are set. 4) i think diagonal aiming is more important than anything else. example: in gunstar heroes, my movement is mapped out to WASD. having Q and E mapped as “up/left” and “up/right” functions would dramatically improve gameplay. 5) i am having some sprite clashing in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when i finish each level. it doesn't interrupt gameplay but it does make the animation kinda wacky. if there is a tool for it, i will take screenshots for you. cheers!!
  5. this is pretty great software and i can play most games in fullscreen on my blackjack. sound is iffy but i am using it in public anyway so i have it on silent. the only issues i have are that there is no apparent save state function, and running the program creates some weird glitch in the main phone gui (doubled header bar). cheers, great work so far. edit: duh, now i know why theres no save function ;)

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