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  1. Amon Ra's 1.9.0 recovery can recognize EXT now. It's in the OP. :lol:
  2. Give a list of what you chose to install.
  3. On XDA. Looks like somebody might have found the cause, and Paul replying. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=76
  4. Actually, rooting does require you to go through recovery. :( But, it's been confirmed that ppl have bricked rooting and bricked doing r5.
  5. Unfortunately, yes...... I've never flashed a device with the recovery pushed to the phone..... Judging from the Poll (66+ bricks now), this is not a small group. And, I don't think anyone that flashes is generally an idiot. Yeah, some bricks could be explained by accidental drops, battery pulls during flashing. The statistics seem to point that there is not one other thing, besides the recovery that is the problem.
  6. If you have already voted in the previous thread, pick choice 3 to see the votes.
  7. [REVISED] Here is a simple poll. I'm just trying to get an accurate (as it can be) reading of USB bricked Desires, or even Legends. Maybe if it isn't a "small group", this might be taken more serious. [DO NOT VOTE YES IF YOU HAVE VOTED YES IN THE PREVIOUS POLL] ALSO, DO NOT VOTE JUST TO SEE THE RESULTS IF YOU HAVE NOT BRICKED, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE AGAIN IF YOU BRICK IN THE FUTURE. THE TOPIC TITLE WILL BE UPDATED WITH RESULTS
  8. Now you can! Multiple select is now possible. *claps hands* Oops, n/m.....
  9. When trying to save "Error writing /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/05c6:9002: No such file or directory "
  10. fastboot works fine for me, it's the adb that doesn't talk.
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