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  1. boinging

    SPV's and Three 3G sim cards

    I doubt any of the other companies will launch a 3G service much improved over what 3 can offer now. The first release handsets aren't much compared to the SPV, though I think the new Motorola a920 could be a different story. This is phone that could well have me ditching the SPV. Plus when 3 remove their walled internet, you can use it as a modem. With speeds of over 512k this is what the 3G brings to the party - faster data speeds. Roll on downloading MP3 directly to my phone!
  2. Hi guys (and girls!) I am going for an interview with 3 (three) and I have to do a presentation entitled "What does 3G mean to you and what are it's challenges?" - Now I have my views on this but wondered what you guys thought. Having seen the 3G handsets, I'm not that impressed compared to our lovely Smartphone - though I'm not sure this would help me get the job! Any of your ideas / views would be greatfully received! Cheers...
  3. boinging

    Bubble bobble for spv

    Yep I think the SPV deserves its own version, though Bubble Bobble 2 on the NES emu, it's much better graphically (similar to Midnights Pacman version). :shock:
  4. boinging

    Pacman Clone V0.01a

    I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all you guys that develop new games, especially as most do it in their spare time. PS - Midnight, looking forward to Bub and Bob Pacman - if you need any testers let me know, many moons ago I did a two week placement as a tester for US Gold :wink: Also how about some of the classic Amiga games - Fred Fish etc...
  5. boinging

    Now this IS cool!

    Yeah I know what you mean but thanks to Smartnes I'm reliving my youth! Possibly the greatest collection of games ever... Check out http://taito.overclocked.org to bring those memories flooding back! 8)
  6. boinging

    Now this IS cool!

    Opps not sure why I was a guest on the above post...
  7. boinging

    Now THIS is worrying

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=11896 Wonder if these would help Snes emulator run that little bit faster??? PS - Apologies that this is a little off topic... :?
  8. boinging

    spv mobil video trial

    How do you sign up to be on the trial list???? :oops:
  9. Oh yes! I like this alot... All we need now is "Jesus on E's" ported across! Reminds me of hours spent sending disks all around the country to my contacts and anxiously awaiting the next issue of the Grapevine. 8)
  10. boinging

    Broken Action Key - Help!

    Thanks for the tip. I put key lock on and just kinda "mashed" it around, seemed to do the trick. Seems a bit shody if after a little use, it sticks.
  11. Goldwav is a top program and you can input straight from CD, pick the section of the song you want plus add fade in's and out's, quality. Stone Roses - Love Spreads or waterfall intros sound pretty funky... :twisted:
  12. Totally agree, I love the WAV ringtones. Even if my ringtones do top 1MB its worth it just to see people's faces when real quality tunes comes out my pocket... Currently sporting "so much love", though the Stone Roses before that did get a few respectful stares. :wink:
  13. I do have both! I was just wondering which one other people thought was better... Now I have the full Taito collection (BB1, BB2, Rainbow Isl. + New Zealand Story) I am content with using SmartNes in the main and using Gnuboy for Bomberman... :) Role on the Amiga Emu... (Lotus challenge, Kick Off 2 ahhh heady days)
  14. Has anyone else had this? My action key is stuck and now when I use the up or down it automatically presses the action key thus taking me into an application! I think too much Bubble Bobble may be the cause and I don't really want to send my phone back to Orange or get a replacement as I will have to de-cert etc all over again. Any clues, plans of action from anybody??? :cry:
  15. boinging

    Is this a record!

    I too found the de-cert an impossible task until I used the file copying application which is posted on here. Once I downloaded that little bombay bad boy I decerted 1st time... All I can say is keep trying and start the copying tool before you put the SPV back into the cradle and make sure you put back into the cradle virtually straight after the blue screen comes up. Best of luck :roll:

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