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  1. scott2eyes

    New iPhone 3G Announced - Price? $199!

    I'm really surprised that this hasn't got a lot more interest from you guys. It's not a coincidence that "iPhone 2.0" was released at a developers conference; it's developers that they are targeting most of all with this. (Have Microsoft ever given a Windows Mobile SDK a live demo in a keynote speech?) Sure, the price cut, 3G and GPS are going to appeal to a lot of consumers. But it's the Apps Store that's going to set it apart from the other mobile platforms and, most likely, do for the iPhone what iTunes Music Store has done for the iPod (ie. lock everyone in so they can't move to another platform.)
  2. scott2eyes

    Free Skype on 3?

    Interestingly, the Skype calls don't actually use VOIP on the 3G network- they're made as normal voice calls over the air, then converted to Skype calls in 3G's core network. (The reason being that voice calls use about 10kbps, while VOIP uses 64-256kbps.)
  3. scott2eyes

    Off Topic: The iPhone is official!

    This is going to rely on a good touchscreen- more what I'm used to with my Nintendo DS than with my XDA mini-S. I don't know how much the "closed" platform is going to be an issue- bearing in mind that the Windows Mobile platform was (for people who had something like the MPx200 on Orange) effectively a closed platform for a long time- developer unlocks notwithstanding... At the very least, this should put a fire under the PDA market- more competition, more attention and greater expectations (for a PDA for the iPod market, rather than for the early adopter/ubergeek market) can only be a good thing. I'm really curious as to how it's going to fit into the UK market (where traditionally, we get our devices cheap/free from the networks) and how much it will actually cost us...
  4. scott2eyes

    Vario Noob Questions

    I have odd Activesync issues too- sometimes it fails to sync and the handset slows to a crawl (in the sense that it's so slow it's unusable- not just annoying.) I'm hoping that a hard reset will fix it, once I get around to backing up all the important stuff on there. But like daftveggie, I like the thing too much to want to return it... It says more about us as users than the OS, I suppose, but it's sad that on Windows Mobile 5, we still seem to be putting up with "early adopter syndrome"...
  5. scott2eyes


    I used to agree 100% with the "why use an iPod when you've got a smartphone/pocketPC." Then I was given a mini iPod last Christmas and I don't think I've listened to an MP3 on my phone or PPC since. Fast forward, rewind, create playlists on the fly, equaliser, larger storage, no stuttering, better sound and so on. Yes, the DRM thing can be a pain in the neck (although I've had no problems with it yet- I had much more grief with WMA files than I've had with AAC), but if it weren't for that system being in place, the iTunes music store wouldn't exist and legal music downloads would probably not exist.
  6. scott2eyes

    Which Wizard?

    I've found that my Dad's O2 phones generally beats my Orange phone for reception. Anyone I've talked to about T-Mobile have said that the reception's great, so long you don't leave urban areas or motorways. Once you're away from civilisation, you're carrying an expensive paperweight... Generally speaking, you will get better deals with third party vendors than going directly with a network- for example, I've seen the O2 XDA Mini-S for free with a £30 contract on the web, which is an offer that both O2 shops and the O2 sales line won't match. Also on the web you will tend to get a month or two's half price line rental and some bonus free minutes/texts. Online with O2 directly, I think you pay about £50 for the phone on the same contract with no extra freebies ATM...
  7. scott2eyes

    What size miniSD to buy?

    The same as with anything computer related- go for the biggest you can afford, but be ready to face the fact that whatever you get will cost half as much in 6 months time. (Speaking as someone who bought a 128Mb MMC card for my MPx200 for £45...)
  8. scott2eyes

    Pondrew Reviews... the T-Mobile MDA Compact II

    I'd like to know how it compares to the Wizard/M3000/XDA mini-s/Vario etc.) (same OS, same processor, same RAM and ROM, but lacking the Wizard's slide-out keyboard.) These are the two most appealing options for anyone looking to get a PDA on a free upgrade ATM... [EDIT- comparing some other info- Wizard has wi-fi, both are the same width and height, but the Charmer is slightly thinner (18mm vs 23mm)- presumably on account of not having the keyboard, Wizard is restricted to mini-SD memory cards. But I'm curious as to whether there's a notable difference in performance.]
  9. OK, we all know that Orange is no longer the smartphone users network of choice, but this might be a good reason to choose O2 for your wi-fi PDA: http://www.abcmoney.co.uk/news/0420061658.htm
  10. Hmmm- stick with Orange and get a C500 for eighty quid, or move to T-Mobile and get one of these for free... Tough decision :)
  11. I would have thought it would be easier to just swap the SIM cards...
  12. scott2eyes

    Orange to release Samsung i300?

    Can someone explain this to me? Since when has 700k taken a quarter of the space of 3/4MB?
  13. scott2eyes

    Email Push

    Email is "pushed" to the device by the server when it's received (as opposed to "pulled" by the device when it checks for new mail every half hour or whatever interval you set it to...)

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