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  1. Thanks for your reply Confuncious. I have been posting on xda-devs too, everyone seems equally baffled over there too... As I say, when I was running WM5 there would be a delay in the phone realising there was a call coming in, but it would realise eventually.. all be it with an irritating 2-3 ring delay. With WM6 it simply doesn't wake up at all... Any further help would be massively appreciated.. trinityj5
  2. Update... About half an hour ago I completed a radio ROM update to, I thought that updating the radio stack might go some way to solving my delayed call issues. Well it hasn't helped at all. The acquisition of signal, and the strength of that signal seems improved, but if my device is in standby then it simply doesn't wake up if there is a call coming in. This effectively renders my tytn totally useless... Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? I am sure I can't be the only person experiencing this...? For reference my phone is now running: Rom: Schaps 4.31 LITE Radio: Any help would be hugely appreciated... Trinityj5.
  3. Thanks for your reply Christopher, To be honest I find it pretty staggering that you, and seemingly every other WM user puts up with these phone pick up delays, why can't windows mobile do this properly?!?!?! As for my device, I have been testing it on and off all week and it still refuses to ring if it's in standby. If its going to be in standby for about 90% of its life then it's no use to me.... Christopher, what rom/ radio do you have on your phone? My radio is 1.32 do you think an upgrade might help? Cheers again for any suggestions, trinityj5
  4. Hi there all, So I finally got around to flashing WM6 onto my hermes... to give you a bit of background; I had completely stopped using my hermes and had gone back to my ancient (in tech terms) Nokia 6230i after WM5 had become perishingly slow. It had become so much of a pain to connect to my parrot handsfree that I had stopped using that too... (£114 wasted). Also on every phone call there was at least a three ring delay from someone calling me, to my phone realising it should be ringing... not impressed. So I thought that a flash to a WM6 rom might help, after having a look around for a little while, I went for Schaps 4.31, initially, its a massive improvement, the phone is quick and responsive, and generally runs much quicker, plus there are lots of nice little things like HTC home... However the delayed phone ringing still seems to be an issue... when I am in the middle of using the phone or if the phone is out of standby and I receive a phone call, it seems to react much quicker than WM5 ever did, almost instantly realising that it should be ringing, much better. However, if the device has gone into standby, then it will completely ignore that there is an incoming call... It simply does not ring... I have just tried 3 or 4 times and my phone hasn't rung once, after I have hung up on my home phone I have been bringing the device out of standby to see if it has registered the call at all, as soon as I turn the device on there is a missed call on it... This is so intensely irritating! As I am sure you can appreiciate! At least with WM5 there would be a wait of 3-4 rings beofre it brought itself out of standby and then it would ring, but with WM6, nothing! Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this? I can't even say that this might be just my hermes, as I had it replaced by vodafone about 2 months ago... Sadly... I will be reverting back to my Nokia after I have written this, at least it is able to send/ receive calls without falling over... I cannot belive that I have a piece of hardware sitting on my desk that is, after all the bells and whistles, supposed to be a phone, and doesn't work as one!!! If an old Nokia can manage it why cant my hermes? At this moment there is a hermes selling on ebay of £139, I am very tempted.... Annoyingly my friends iPhone seems to do all the phone functions flawlessly along with lots of lovely web and data integration... It is still apple though.. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve my woes? Sorry for the massive <\rant> trinityj5 ;)
  5. Another thing... What radio ROM is best, do you guys think? I am sure that experience on vodafone of any other radio ROM's will be few. However, you guys on other networks.. whats best for you? Cheers John :(
  6. Ok cool, thanks again for your swift reply! :D I'm gonna flash black satin at some point this week. I will report back with how it all went and stuff... One more thing, does anyone have a .cab with all the vodafone settings etc.? Cheers, J :(
  7. Excellent, thanks for all the advice.. Sorry for the long delay in replying, I was away all weekend.. I think I will be flashing with black satin, I just have to get some time to get around to it.. As regards the text message thing, should having a lot of messages on my phone be slowing it down? I am only concerned because if I am gonna flash this and my phone is still slow due to my messages, then I am back at square one... What do you guys think? J
  8. I think you are right.. I should try flashing the black satin ROM first... I was just about to start doing it last night, but bottled out slightly.. :S I started backing up all my stuff on my phone instead and this made me think of something... as pimbackup took just over an hour and a half to back up all my pim data (most of which was spent on the 3500+ text messages I have on my phone) could the amount of txt's that I have stored be the problem behind my phone being so slow? I wouldn't have thought this was the case, there is plenty of memory about on the phone to store txt's in.. however, I could be wrong... what do you think? I have also noticed that Mr Vanx doesn't have a guide specifically for black satin.. I am asumming that the guide for black magic is almost identical? As a slight side issue, do you still think that the black satin ROM is the best one to go for? As always, thank you for all your help, and any continued help is greatly appreciated... J ;)
  9. what make were the ones from the Orange shop? You must have paid a bit for them... next time it might be a good plan to get them from somewhere like 7dayshop.com, cheaper and more brands available...
  10. Hi there CrazyC, thanks for your reply. After some further investivation, I have come to the conclusion that Vodafone, and Qtek, are both totally useless, and really don't give a **** about their customers... It seems like the only way to go is to get a unofficial ROM on my device... I have been looking at pandoras kitchen, and I am extremely intriugued by it. Once you have "cooked" a ROM up for your device, is it a matter of going through installing Olipro and then installing the new ROM? Is there a Vanx style guide to follow for pandoras kitchen? Apologies if I am seeming thick... I am purely trying not to brick my hermes!! :( As always, any help would be hugely appreciated.. John ;)
  11. Hi there people ;) Does anyone have any more opinions on this? Its been about a month and a bit since any movement on this thread.... what do people think about which rom is best? My vodafone branded device (v1605) has become perishingly slow. I have not installed any apps to make it go slow, it just seems to have slowed down! To the point where, sometimes, if someone were to ring me, the phone is so slow to realise anything is going on it will just not ring at all! Also, sometimes it will take a good 15-20 seconds to open my messages inbox! This is, as you can understand immmensley irritating. I have been on the phone today to very useful bloke at vodafone called Colin. He informed me that he didn't know of any plans to release any WM6 updates for the v1605, he then phoned HTC for me and they said that I would have to talk to Qtek. Qtek seem to be an imaginary company, an arm of HTC that are completely useless. They will not accept my IMEI number for the wm6 update either. It just seems incredibly irrating to me that there is a perfectly good, working, official version of WM6 sitting on a vodafone server somewhere, but I can't get at it! Equally annoying is that HTC wont let me near their's either, because, "they can't support it". Anyone got any ideas? I dont really want to have to use an unofficial ROM because of the invalitating warranty thing, but if my phone is going to continue being this slow, then I dont know if I will have a choice! Any help at all would, as always, be hugely appreciated! Thanks, John :(
  12. Hi there, I have a hermes on vodafone.... A couple of questions... Firstly, is there any news at all on voadfone releasing a wm6 rom for the hermes? Secondly, on the kaiser forum there is a app that looks immensely useful, its the one that allows you to control the led output on the top of the phone, controling colours and suchlike, is there anyway that this can be adapted/ used on the hermes? Thirdly, I would really like to stop my phone warning me when it is low on battery! I know its low, it doesnt need to tell me about it every 5 seconds! how can i go about disabling this? Currently when low on battery it throws up a notification window, and it flashes the status LED orange.... I would have thought that this would be changed in the sounds and notifaications settings, however i don't have any battery options... Fourthly, the wireless is a bit pants, I have an access point at work, I will connect to it once fine. however if I were to turn off my wifi, then the phone will refuse to connect to that access point again until a soft reset is performed. Strangely if I were to come back to that point again the next day without the soft reset it would connect fine, but again only once! If anyone has any ideas that would be great Thanks J ;)
  13. Hi there phil John, thanks very much for your advice, I could still use the phone by using the hardware buttons so I manged to install spb backup and do a backup. I then restored it on my device and it worked brilliantly, or so I thought, weirdly I wasn't able to make any phone calls and I wasnt able to access any contacts! So I tried to restore it again, and the same thing happened... So what I then did was hard reset back to the vodafone default, and restore my phone as best I could through active sync and some other third party apps such as pimbackup... Weirdly my new phone seems much more stable, and the vodafone defaulting seems much less severe. For example, my old phone frequently had problems with turning bluetooth on (highly irritating with a b/t car kit) and the original voda defaulting removed things like device lock and messaging from the items list for the today page... where as with this rom they are there! :P Also the new phone has a far newer radio rom, my old phone was runing 1.0.4 where as my new one has 1.32 a big change considering its only 3 months newer... Rambling a bit there! Thanks again for your help! John :rolleyes:
  14. hi there samuran, thanks very much for your reply, did exactly as you suggested and installed pimbackup and it worked like a charm, excellent stuff, thanks very much :P Thanks again for your help! John :rolleyes:
  15. Hello all, some of you might have read that I managed to break my hermes, well the new one has arrived today and I have basically got it back to how my other one was. However the only thing that is missing is my sms messages off my old phone, have you guys got any idea where the text messages are stored in WM5? I can still expore my old phone through activesync so I was gonna just grab the appropriate file and drop it in the right place on my new phone, would this work? Anybody got any ideas on this or maybe another way of doing it? As always any help would be greatly appreciated! :rolleyes: John :P
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