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  1. Change with the times, dude! :angry: Look at iPhone and iPod Touch... No d-pad, and they are solid gaming devices. The approach is changing, we've just gotten so used to the old ways. Personally I dread not having a d-pad, but I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the finger-friendly UI :D. US-friendly version of i8000, where art thou???
  2. If the AMOLED screen (and consequently battery life) are very important to you... it's Omnia II. software/ROMs will come and go, this is something you cannot replace. For me, that's likely going to be the deciding factor. The debate of TouchWiz vs. TouchFlo 3D... it's a matter of preference. Both are very good, but quite different. The whole debate here is too subjective. That said... Wait until Manila 2.5 (next version of TouchFlo) is stable, it will make it to cooked ROMs, and then you'll get your choice. Personally, I like the cooked ROMs for the Touch Diamond 2/Topaz (see xda-developers.com). There are some really good ones. Back to the point... HW is the boss, SW can be replaced... in time :) Unless you are comparing stock-to-stock. And Omnia here wins hands down. Sceen, battery, video, camera. 'Nuff said.
  3. I saw that article, and I also saw some articles with a contrary opinion. Either way, the previous post kind of confirms this. That said, I am pretty syched about the announcements of GT-i8000 with UMTS850/1900 passing FCC last week. I am keeping my fingers crossed. My wish list now is... GT-i8000 with AT&T's 3G bands, a nicely cooked WinMo6.5-based ROM, choice of TouchWiz and TF3D... and we are off to the races :)
  4. Well, that sucks. I live in Chicago and travel a lot. If it's Edge only in Chicago, that means 3G coverage on 1900 in other cities will be spotty...
  5. Wow... A couple of seconds is disappointing. I hoped for a sub-second turn-around given the specs. :).
  6. Yeah, I saw that (GT-i8000), but unclear when it's coming and where. Anyone else?
  7. Congrats to brand new Omnia II owners. I am jealous. ;) I hope you can share your experience with the soft keyboard input on the Omnia. The questions are: How well does it work for you? Do you end up with a lot of mistakes and corrections? Is it easy to type one-handed? How about two-handed? How does it compare to other soft keyboards you've used (iPhone, HTC compact and full qwerty, ShapeWriter, Resco Keyboard, etc.)? How much better or worse is it in landscape mode? When you turn the device, how long of a delay is there before it switches to landscape, let's say in an email screen and in Opera Mobile? Are we talking under half second or multiple seconds? I would like to hear about the owners' actual experiences. Thanks.
  8. I know, I know, the Verizon version is coming; supposedly it will be known as SCH-i920. What I'd like to know is how well the model released in Singapore (i8000) would work in the US, for example on the A&T network. From the specs it looks like UMTS1900 is supported, but UMTS850 is not. This means that only one of the two AT&T 3G bands is covered. Does anyone know how well that'd work? Would I get 3G/HSDPA coverage? Would it be worse, slower, or more spotty than with a set that supports 1900 and 850? A second question would be with general reception and battery life. My concern is that if the radio firmware is not optimized for the US market, the device could possibly hunt for the signal a lot draining th battery quickly. I could be completely off, but thought I'd ask this as well. I am especially curious to see if anyone in the US has obtained the device and could share actual experiences, but any educated thoughts are welcome. If you are in the US and have the device, a side question is... where did you get it and how much did it cost? ;)
  9. Check this out... http://samsung.vintedge.com/dothewritethin...tething%20_0717 At first I thought perhaps it's July 28th, and not July 18th, but then I landed here... I guess it is released this weekend in Singapore. http://sg.samsungmobile.com/footer/press/p...do?pressNo=2121
  10. PDADB lists the release date for the CDMA version (I am assuming for Verizon) as October 2009. Any truth to that? I've seen July in other places, but that seems unlikely seeing how it's mid-July and not a peep from Verizon.
  11. What about us US folks? Does anyone know when Omnia II is coming to Verizon? And will it be strictly CDMA, or CDMA+GSM like the Saga?
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