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  1. Well, yeah, OK, I missed the free C600 phone. Wouldn't have been much use in Korea anyway, they have a private telecoms system (The sim is built into the phone usually, no exchange) so even those early 5/6-band phones won't work there. But I did get free accommodation with a free 1Gb internet link (God I'm suffering in the UK, I can tell you), have the most annoying phone ever (A Samsung clam-shell thing), eat lots of Korean food (Lots of chilli and otherwise very spicy food), froze to death (-23C with a -80C windchill), melted (+46C with 99% humidity) and helped the building of a 90,000 tonne boat/barge. On second thoughts, maybe the phone WAS better...
  2. Thanks Seraphic, time to destroy that blasted busy tone! (If you can't guess, it kinda annoyed/deafened me!)
  3. Quick OT query, what is and where is a suitable registry editor for the Hermes?
  4. Flext + Web 'n Walk Plus/Max is probably the way to go then. Flext 25 will net you approximately 450mins, 900 texts or a combination of the two. Web 'n Walk 'Plus' gives you 3GB of data a month, no VoIP and the 'Max' package gets you 10GB including VoIP (Skype, etc.). I'm on Flext35 (900 mins/1800 texts) and Web 'n Walk Plus. It's great, but a bit more than your £35/mo at £47.50/mo. Based on your numbers, Flext25 + Web 'n Walk would be £37.50/mo and give enough for your needs. HTH
  5. Nothing wrong, seems to be a permanent issue with the way phones are 'explored'. Does get annoying when you want 1 picture out of several hundred!
  6. Not me mate. I wanted VS.net, not for Smartphone development though. The only things I've won have been a sync cable, an [ahem] 'cool' coat (Modelled by Mono) and the third prize in the second Birmingham meet quiz. That's about it. Hell awarner, do you just post on here continuously? 4 years, nearly 16,000 posts, thats 10 a DAY!!!
  7. Can you tell me how you get them in MP4 format? With that I could look into converting them, but I can't do that without a sample (Theres about 15 MP4 formats that I'm aware of). Otherwise I thought Google used Flash to handle its videos, but guess I haven't been paying attention much.
  8. I'm no guru on this but I'll give you some info that I have. I'm using the MDA Vario II on T-Mobile with Web'nWalk Plus. This gives me 3GB of monthly data at 3.5G speeds on a PDA like phone (With stylus). It also runs WM2005. However, I think for the phone, you need to choose a call plan with Web'nWalk. T-Mobile also offer a 3G data card, which you could drop in any PC, but I'm guessing a PC is a bit more that what you want to drag around. Finally, although I'm on the Plus tariff, there is also a Pro/Max tariff which allows 10GB a month. As is said, some ideas, but no solutions sorry!
  9. siu99spj

    Mac VS PC

    Nowadays I think the Mac vs PC argument is a bit mute. Essentially they're very similar beasts, with Macs just using an Intel chipset, with Intels updated form of the BIOS and a quirky mobo layout. What really makes the difference is the OS. Windows has it's quirks, as does OS-X, linux, BeOS and every other OS out there. Unfortunately, because the user base for Windows is so much greater, it does get most of the attention. If MacOS was out there, it might have suffered similar ills. The fortunate thing is the developers have seen where Windows has suffered and patched the Mac (If needed) before they could become a problem on it. Personally, I like the design of a Mac, it's a sexy beast, even if it doesn't have two 30" HD displays(:)), but I'm a PC/Windows abuser. Have been for way too many years and don't feel I need to change. I can get Windows to do what I want, when I want and have the tools to do it. A Mac would involve several years learning all that over again, something I don't have the time or patience for (Yet). My favourite Mac 'advert' though is this, a parody admittedly, but shows Macs aren't the final solution just yet.
  10. I made it to all three meets before my disappearing act, one in London and two in Birmingham. I believe I met you at all three too (Especially the first as I was about 30 mins early). It was also rumoured that you enabled the on-topic/off-topic post counting because I was shotting up the ranks with my off-topic shenanigans. Nice to see it's been deactivated (For now). It was Disco Stu's brains that made us (Me, him and my brother I believe) come third in the Birmingham quiz (The third and last Modaco meet I attended). Before then I was relegated to lowly prizeless positions, though I did win a sync cable in the first meet for having done something (stupid, undoubtedly).
  11. Hey all! Most of you probably don't have the foggiest who I am/was but I think I had probably one of the worst off-topic/on-topic post ratios in Modaco history (2:1). I cleaned up my act and I became a bit better balanced (About 1:1) but then I got sent to Korea (For work) and spent my time building on an FPSO (Thankfully I had some help with about 100 ex-pats and 3000 Koreans). I've attached a picture of the vessel when she left Korea on November 25th. When I left in April last year I had to leave my 2 year old beloved SPV (HTC Canary). Yep, I was an early adoptee then kinda 'forgot' to upgrade (Actually I was waiting for the MPx220, but it seemed to never come). It was a shame, but Korea does not/will not support internetional standards and no foreign phones work there (Not even quad band phones). Plus the company were supplying with a new phone out there. Now Korea being the most connected country I know of (1GB link to the internet from your house, yep!) I was expecting something quite special. The Company cheated us and got cheap tacky Samsung clamshell things which made me hate all clamshell and Samsung phones forever. If it was a smartphone, I never figured it out (Probably down to the fact my Korean isn't too good). But now, back in the UK, I've gone right back up to the top of the tree with a MDA Vario II (HTC TyTn/Hermes). Already I'm in love with the device and I can only see the love affair continuing. Get my microSD card, some real movie playing software (No WiMP for me!) and I can start where I left off, working out the best way to encode movies for a Smartphone, annoying the old regulars out in the forums, trying to figure out what the hell happened to Modaco whilst I was gone and generally make an ass of myself all over again!
  12. Thanks yrreP, I had actually stumbled across the help in another part of the forum (Stupid search not searching properly) so it's all working now. I had just been using *99# and the AT commands as specified in the manual. For some reason I also needed a user name name (t-mobile) and password (one2one) before it would work. Hope this might help anyone else struggling.
  13. This is probably a really dumb question but does anyone know how to get the wireless modem working with a HTC TyTn (Specifically a T-Mobile MDA Vario II)? Disabled ActiveSync, installed modem driver and activated wireless modem on the phone. However, when I try to connect, using the number T-Mobile tell me to dial, it attempts to register, fails and disables wireless modem on the phone. I really want big screen internet but for now stuck with my diddy Vario II screen :)
  14. So that's where my Off-Topic post went! It was even more unfair to me as I couldn't reply to this thread when I looked early this morning (Must have been about 0700 as I'd just got in the office). Another funny is here.
  15. 10 months to reply, not too shabby! Actually they're needed to turn generators to make electricity so people can actually use their computers and things (Mobile phones are banned). Well, that's what I was doing last year. Now I'm working on a huge FPSO, which is basically a mix of an oil platform/rig, oil processing plant and oil tanker. This one is 338m long and 96m wide, making it much bigger than any oil tanker! And it's thanks to this that I'm disappearing off to Korea for a couple of years or so. Seems I'll be needed to supervise the building, so I'm disappearing come late March. Also means I'll lose my beloved (If somewhat dilapidated by now) original SPV! Still, Japans about an hour away so maybe I'll find something cool there!
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