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  1. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    YouTube App from 2.3.2

    Its working fine for me :(
  2. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    USB Problem

    hello if you have CM6 the only way to update is os 2.1, about your USB try to other port or other machine.
  3. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Hong Kong Q9h

    Hello you must upgrade software in your phone to WM 6.1 download from here --> http://cid-b3681f73a1295f37.skydrive.live....AND%20NO%20LOCK the rom is no brand and no lock default lang is german and you must manual change to english .... its official relase from Motorola and you must use RSD LITE --> http://eodg8a.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pzcf....3.zip?download
  4. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    SDHC support with Q9H?

    Hello Hey buddy this file is for Moto with WM 6.0 EU ver without update to WM 6.1 So your comment file is not need ...
  5. Tranzystor (Patrick)


    Hello Working fine with Moto Q9H (wm6) Thx :(
  6. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Where I can download

    hello please download part 1 -> http://3ws2tg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pZ01...GG2_4.part1.exe and part 2 -> http://3ws2tg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pale...t2.rar?download and drivers -> http://3ws2tg.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pWD6...34.zip?download
  7. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Disassembly instructions for Q9h Global

    hello Very nice :) But picture not displayed ;| thx
  8. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Keyboard backlight awful on new Grey Q9H!

    Hello Tommorow i check it and give some picture to make your sure :) cheers (sorry to my en ;P)
  9. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Keyboard backlight awful on new Grey Q9H!

    Hello Yeah keyboard ,display ,is identical in q9h EU version .... even motherboar=ds is the same but EU version without GPS module . Chears
  10. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Looking for a way to change A2DP bluetooth output level

    Hello Instal coreplayer1.25 in audio menu will be preamp :lol: chears
  11. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    Moto Q9h & WiFi ... Possible by REG Hacking?

    hello This is not imposible to power on WIFI in q9h , so maybe motherboard have got wifi chip, but software havent got any drivers for this device ..... this is something like GPS module q9h havent got but q9h global have ...... SO wifi in this phone is not imposible .... chears
  12. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    ok....after two days i have a BRICK i600 WM6

    Hello everyone I have big problem with my phone. I have instaled into my phone wm5 orage so i must to update to wm6 because i have some problem with WIFI and other ..... so in modaco wiki links to European WM6-Firmware i600UXXGG2 is death :lol: Maybe someone help me and give this firmware on mail or other source ? chears [email protected]
  13. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    i600 forgetting settings

    Hello Try to reflash device one more time with update to WM6 waht ver you have instaled ? i600_gxx2? ps i serching latest wm6 for my samsung but all link is death (modaco wiki ) if you have latest firmware for i600 maybe you sent it to my mail :lol: i need this because i have wm5 orange brand :D chears Tranzystor @
  14. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    SDHC support with Q9H?

    Hello If you have Q9H euro version you may have a problem with sdhc card (not see ) Please instal this cab file --> working great with kingston 4gb and 8gb , 16gb is not tested ... chears @ sdhc.cab
  15. Tranzystor (Patrick)

    After overclocking MPX is dead?

    Hello Try to remove the main battery about 30min and the next try to going to botloader mode left key of cursor if the device is show in "device manager " you flash again your phone .... if you run on wm5, 6, 6.1 more than 138 /144 mhz system files may to crash ......

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