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  1. adicken

    Best 2.1 Rom?

    Hi guys. I have searched and researched for the best 2.1 rom but wanted to know what other people considered to be the best and most stable rom available. I currently use chocolate eclair 2.0 and it seems great. I do have a couple of glitches now and again with it though, hence my request. Many thanks and keep up the good work devs!
  2. I have the .14 radio and using it on Orange. It's excellent and GPS lock is under ten seconds.
  3. Thanks, done and is now sorted. Cheers
  4. After some thinking and the lack of 2.1 rom upgrade I finally rooted my hero and put the Modaco rom onto it. First impressions are this is excellent and so fast compared to my old one. However, I had an issue with Goole Mapsd not working and having to force close the application every time I tried to use it. I thought, just uninstall it and install again. however, I have uninstalled it but now I cannot install a new version, it keeps coming up with an error. Anyone offer any help? Many thanks. :huh:
  5. I've got a G1 (unlocked) and using an orange sim. As long as you put in the APN settings (needed at phone start to sync google) then market place will be fine. I've downloaded loads of apps and also already had one ver the air update. It all works so well and the phone is absolutely great! Any problems feel free to PM me.
  6. Can anyone help me out... please..... I am trying to connect my E650 to my orange/wanadoo livebox. I have WEP security enabled but it just won't connect. Anyone got a step by step guide for this? Please?
  7. Anyone help - please. I try to kill the process using spwztools but the commmanger process will not die. I thought it had so tried to copy the contents of the windows file over and ran the reg and now my comm manager is screwed. I can't see the data connection icon any where. My phone is an app unlocked Orange E650 Thanks
  8. Thanks for the "heads up". I will look out for that one too. Hope my second is better!
  9. Ok, I may be the first for this to happen. Yesterday, my shiny touch dual would not send or receive calls properly. I had to soft reboot the phone for it to work. However, on the third reboot it would not boot beyond the spalsh screen. Ok i thought, i will do a hard reset. Nothing, still the same. It stuck on the boot screen. Tried a couple of times, nothing. So i phoned Orange support. They were very helpful and quick diagnosing that the thing was actually dead. Now is this a one off or is it a warning of things to come? My replacement arrives this morning. Hope i have better luck with this one! :(
  10. I have found this on my device as well. Maybe it is something to do with the Orange rom? Maybe a fix will come out in the (near) future or maybe our handests are faulty. I think it's worth keeping an eye on!
  11. Love mine to bits too. It's so easy to live wit hand is pretty quick too. Battery life is acceptable but would welcome an improvemnt if possible. Ps: Are you going to do a debrand pack now that you have a device Paul? :(
  12. Thanks alot. Got one from Ebay for a fiver.
  13. By the way, where did you get it from?
  14. Anyone recomend a car holder for the touch dual. I want a decent solid one that allows me to use my headphones as well. Cheers
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