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  1. Is this due to input lag? Morphgear mod with multi touch seems to work well on the HD2 with Mario games. No Smartgear would mean no HD2 for me- need my Turbografx shooters :P Morphgear is weak compared to Smartgear, both in compatability and playability.
  2. Tons more games on the Amiga. The Amiga emu for Android plays most games full speed with sound on a 528mhz clocked G1, so the HD2 should play everything smooth as butter :) The HD2 with Smartgear and working multi-touch would rock, but the killer for me is no Flash 10.1. I got used to Flash 9.4 on my N900 and Flash 10.1 is amazing. It will be a true crime if Flash 10.1 does not come to the HD2. Could you ask your contact if HTC is going to push for Flash 10.1? No official support for any MS OS but WM7- in spite of the fact that Flash 10.1 has been shown on the HD2 already by the Adobe Flash team (working very well, too).
  3. Hello LB, there are versions of Morphgear that play well on the HD2 and use multi-touch. Good examples on Youtube of them in action. Due to the size of the screen, portrait mode on the top and the controls on the bottom (of course) works out well. I miss Smartgear since shelving my Dash. I use a G1 and N900 right now, but may buy the HD2 from Tmo- just waiting on confirmation Flash 10.1 is not going to make it to the HD2 (I will not get the HD2 if not). Rather than Atari, how about Amiga for a next platform to add? Thanks!
  4. Bitbank, I think you have two issues: One- Historic: Smartgear has not gotten enough exposure. If I had a dollar how many people have said, "Cool, what app is that?". Not a lot of people know about your amazing app and now item two comes into play: Two- Current and future (and related to historic): The WM device install base is flattening and your current user base is correlating to this. If you want to make a bunch of money on the app, you need to find a way to "port" to Android, Apple and Symbian. The growth curve for these OS's far outstrip WM and are HUGE opportunities, since NO ONE has as good an EMU app as you do. The Turbografx alone is pure gold for gamers. Apple is probably a moving target and a resource hog, but the next SDK for Android is supposed to be more efficient and Symbian is stable. If there were some way to make Smartgear for the noted OS's you could sell on the markets and make a mint. The opportunity is there. Long live Smartgear! Just hopefully on other OS's as well. My G1 begs for Smartgear love.
  5. Had HTC added an external microsd, I would have got a Diamond too. Four GB is too small for me with music, movies, South Park and video games on it. I have an 8gb on my Dash and it is too small. Need the expansion option.
  6. Smartgear does rock. Rock EVEN better if he would port a verison that works on Nokia devices. The N95 calls me closer....
  7. Current beta is for touch devices only, but since a lot of features are turned off, I would not install over my 8.65 anyways. Hope it comes out soon, but the beta feedback will probably result in delays, because they will then release a beta with the features turned on. This is probably beta 1 out of 3. I expect a fall release of the final version.
  8. LB, I know you have been asked this, but... Any chance of porting Smartgear to Symbian OS? There are a gazillion Nokia device out there. In fact, I am considering getting a N95-3 (has headphone jack, camera and better screen than my Dash). I think this is an untapped market. The java based emu's are not as good as your emu. A real HUGE issue is that there are no Turbografx emu's for Symbian devices. Tears.
  9. I thought the same about Genesis, but the Game gear and Sega sound is not much better. A lot have the same clicking or high pitched noise. I mainly play NES and TGX16, so it is not much of an issue to me.
  10. It has been one month since we heard from L.B., so must be doing other things I suppose. I will be happy if the sound gets fixed in Master System and Game Gear games. Perhaps he is making sure the next version is a significant improvement?
  11. I use PocketCult on the Dash and I am surprised games works as good as they do. Be cool if someone advanced the code for MAME on WM5 & 6 devices.
  12. Good point. Morphgear's Gameboy emu played gameboy games with color. An example is the Galaga / Galaxian game on the Gameboy. Morphgear plays that in color, Metroid or any other game that supports color. It also plays the mono only games in two colors of your choice- like Supergameboy platform does.
  13. Hello L.B., Just to clarify, are you aware that most Sega and GG games also have the sound problems that Genesis games do? Clicking sound and distortion are common for most. I though the issue was Genesis only, due to the FM chip, but it seems to be common for all Sega platforms. Some work, but the majority have significant sound problems. I still take the positive that TG16, GBC and Nintendo work very good.
  14. Wow, this may be the longest gap for no LB replies. Obviously busy with other things, which is understandable for anyone.
  15. As far as sound on my Dash with Smartgear's newest build: NES = good sound GBC = good sound TG16 = good sound Gamegear = good sound for some, but also poor sound or no sound (there is a screaching sound) for others. Master system = poor or no sound (there is a screaching sound) Genesis = Good sound for a few games, but bad to none for most. Appears the new build back-slid a little, as far as Sega and Gamegear. NES compatability is way up, though.
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