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  1. Can any body tell me the procedure and tell about the tools required to cook xda graphite rom. Please.........
  2. Hello friends, whoever wants to upgrade his/her graphite, instead of trying the above method can try this - Open notepad, dont write anything,and save the empty file as DeviceSpy.txt, now close note pad. now go to the saved text file and rename it as DeviceSpy.exe, and make it READ ONLY. Again make sure of making the file read only, and copy it to /windows folder of graphite. Now you can use any version of Graphite rom on it, may it be asian, uk or chinese, etc
  3. Dear You may be having wrong version rom, check if your phone is G3 or G4, download correct version, dan try. The same has happened to me once.
  4. Anyone please tell me the procedure to revert back to windows mobile 6.0 from chinese wm6.1 rom ??? Please....
  5. Dear Nanodemon, I tried as u said, but my xda dnt upgrade. By first method it says FAILED TO UPDATE, PROGRAM WILL CLOSE AUTOMATICALLY, and in second method it keeps showing downloading screen and without any progress nd updating. Please help me. If you can tell me what to do to upgrade my xda graphite that will be a favour. Thanks
  6. Dear jtaysw, i have tried to upgrade my graphite, as per ur instructions, but it remains at bootloader mode and dnt get upgrade, it just keep showing the downloading screen. Please suggest something, so that i can upgrade it.
  7. I was upgrading my htc typhoon to wm5, upgrade started but in stopped with following error : Format BINFS... Format BINFS Completed. Continue to set BINFS type. Set BINFS_TYPE success. Before flashing new image , formatting old OS is completed!! Start flashing new image!!! [1]*Address 8C080000h Length 01B00000h checksum 9B6AFA31h Checksum error. Error : DownloadImage return error (code = 0xFFFFFFFF Now the phone is not booting up and stops at bootloader only. even its not connecting to my pc so that is can reinstall old rom. can anybody help me pleasee
  8. can my typhoon with imate rom installed on it will also do this hard reset ?? its stuck in bootloader mode. it shows : Typhoon IPL 1.00 Typhoon SPL 1.01.0199 Typhoon IU
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