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  1. http://androidspin.com/2010/07/28/samsungs...ut-on-galaxy-s/ seems it is officially support
  2. well, from here, it states that it can work likes gyroscope. http://android.hdblog.it/2010/07/20/galaxy...iamo-chiarezza/
  3. is there anyone know whether non-US version has gyroscope?
  4. does your PlumSIP has display issue with the wm6.5.3 bottom bar (which is thicker than normal). cheers
  5. hi andrew, there is a build of 梅花 input method which cliamed to be fixed with the new Thick bottom bar. see if it is worked [CAB] 发个点讯梅花V6.1.0010增强版,VGA版,已修改好适合新特性不
  6. hi andrew, thx for your reply. it seems that there is small display issue on PlumSIP. the keyboard layout is blocked part of the bottom bar, as the bottom bar is thicker now.
  7. hi andrew, don't you have any issue with PlumSIP and also how much memory on fresh soft reset? thx
  8. i guess we can do a binary diff on both JA1 and JA5 eboot files to see what make the different to increase in the available memory
  9. some one said flash the eboot part from JA5 will have less reservied memory. so, i think the eboot is controlling how much memory reserved.
  10. so obviously, the eboot part control how much memory is reserved. so, i guess it is not the NK.exe control how much memory reserved
  11. if you are going to make sense 2.1 with 6.5.x, i hope you can fix the samsung dialer scroller bar issue. no one seems know how to fix
  12. in fact OminaII can do. but after days of use, the available memory will drop and need to reset to free up memory
  13. from this image, it is 24M more than our current available memory. 164-140=24. what the hell samsung. my available memory after several days of use drop to 30-40M. even worse than my old i900. my i900 always release memory (not much memory leak). sigh, suppose Omnia II should be better than i900, isn't it? when available memory drops to certain level. i cannot keep program run in background and it is forced to close.
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