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  1. How do we install this? Just copy paste over existing installation ?
  2. if im not mistaken, you just need to perform a hard reset and then run the WM5 update as usual
  3. Yes its ok, my website is down at the moment, please be patient, I just did some google, yes my guide applies on Cingular 2125
  4. Many people have problem formatting because they did not use the proper case when typing the command, it must be exactly 'format BINFS', the f must be small, BINFS must be all in upper case
  5. Step by step guide can be found here http://www.modaco.com/GUIDE-Upgrading-HTC-Tor-t258475.html
  6. This is my first guide, hopefully it will answer many people questions http://karhoe.byethost33.com/component/opt...catid,20/id,29/
  7. Btw, how do we remove that rubber cab that covers the external antenna, I don't seem to be able to remove it
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