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    Arc S running KXP AOKP
  1. I used Trinity kernel for a while on previous versions of this ROM, I've found the Alpha64 release of the kernel the best for my N7 so far - no gfx glitches and good battery life.
  2. Paden Yes I installed the Olympic app to my Arc S, backed up the apk using ES File Explorer and copied it to my N7.
  3. On Play store it quoted as working on devices 4.5 inches and under. Have side loaded it onto my N7 and seems okay but not had much of a play with it.
  4. I installed over top of Jr5 with no data loss. Take a backup to be on safe side though :-)
  5. Had no email at all about my 8gb, money has been taken though. Oh well, more waiting.
  6. Hi I got an ARC S after using a ZTE Blade for over 12 months and I don't consider it heats up any more than the Blade did in use (or my LG GT540 prior to that). I used the HDMI out to view a movie over the weekend and it hardly heated up. Battery life on ICS is pretty good (I don't use many games on it) with background data sync on for Gmail & Whatsapp, I use Tweakdeck & Tapatalk through the day on manual sync. I send/receive appx 15-20 texts a day and around 20-45 mins of voice calls & a couple of hours of reading/browsing. A normal day is on battery from 7.15am to 23.30pm and will regularly have over 40% battery life left. Pully
  7. Are you ending the call via onscreen buttons or is screen blank? Just wondering if screen just staying off rather than actually shutting down. If it's that then use the ZTE Blade Setting app to calibrate the proximity sensor.
  8. Have a look at Touchpal Dialer, there is an All Contacts and My Contacts option under the Contact tab
  9. hmm might have to do a full wipe then :( Just updated to n210 with dalvik wipe but same problem. Also cleared Marketplace data and re-accepted the T&C's but still not playing ball. sej7278 can you confirm what version number of SwiftKey your install is?
  10. Running n209 and I have a few apps currently installed that following a update the marketplace now say they are not compatible with my device so I cannot download the updated app - the current version carries on working fine. Facebook client (not fussed about that) is one and SwiftKey X. Is there anything I can edit to make these show as available?
  11. I use My Data Manager app - http://goo.gl/jAOrg
  12. Lol I know what you mean, spent an age convincing my other half but she has seen the light now :) Also looking at the Pro but want to see a review first before purchase.
  13. A factory reset won't delete the custom rom if that's what your worried about.
  14. It can work via WiFi iirc (just tested it and it works fine via wifi but I cannot test BT )
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