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  1. Kal-el

    SPV Free insurance

    This is not true. Small businesses get it free - see previous threads, upgrades on any tariff above talk 60 where care was provided free on the previous 12 months also get it free. Other than that, no free care. Sorry. At least you haven't lost anything choco - unless you upgraded in which case you may have :)
  2. Kal-el

    New FAQ from Orange!

    Anyone want me to investigate this? Could be kinda fun...
  3. Kal-el

    Orange care

    Yeah, i think it went up about oct last yr!
  4. Problem solved! Thanx xanadu, now i have an extra 5mins to help customers turn their phones on :)
  5. I will find out what the hell that was about in the morning... watch this space!
  6. Or if you don't wanna pay for the call, phone 0800 801080 :)
  7. Kal-el

    YAWN - I'd rather live in Wales

    I'd still rather yawn than live in wales! No offence, i'm allergic to too many hills - honest :)
  8. Kal-el

    New Orange UK GPRS Tarriffs

    There is a 150 option 1 type system being developed at the moment ready to be implemented at the end of April - tho it could be April 04!!! Perhaps the 156 operator was informed by someone who was privi to that sort of information. Excelling further than the average 156 operator? Either way, there is a way of monitoring GPRS usage in the pipeline.
  9. Kal-el

    Update! What update??

    ...Although little things have started to happen but it's not the "update" that u are refering to i'm sure! :)
  10. Kal-el

    Update! What update??

    Which store was that? On behalf of Orange Retail i appologise for the obvious moron who tried to blag u!
  11. Kal-el

    Orange Care - Insurance

    That's only true of "small" business users according to the computers. The company has to fit the small business critera!
  12. Kal-el

    Orange Care - Insurance

    When u upgrade u get to keep all the goodies that came 12months prior. Anything above the old talk 60 plan came with free care.
  13. Kal-el

    Orange kills locust (again)!

    I didn't even realise Loucst was still about... I joined that when i was in skool - it was great for cheating in lessons :) Still, the bottom line is that of business. If Orange are losing money and can make more by doing it them selves then so bit it. I'm a capitalist through and through - if the shoe was on the other foot most people would agree. I know i'm opening up a can of worms right now but if you were Bill Gates and people complained that u made too much money you'd politely tell them to fcuk off. Be honest wiv urself.
  14. And yet totally predictable...
  15. Kal-el

    Orange care

    I have already cleared this point up for you. http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=3184

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