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  1. I have pa sp installed but it doesn't seem like it's overriding my phone settings. I put phonealarm on silent but still got the ringtone chosen in my phone settings playing when I had a call.
  2. Is there a good BT headset that can also be used to listen to music that works with the Blackjack?
  3. Anyone using this program? I can't get it to work on my BlackJack.
  4. Doesn't work on my Blackjack. ;)
  5. I made a work profile and when I get an SMS it is supposed to vibrate. It does vibrate but it does it for way too long. It's pretty much useless to have a vibrate setting if the vibration is louder and longer then the usual SMS tone. Any ideas on how to change the length of this?
  6. Is there a program like Pocket Suite for smartphones? I really want the feature that lets you send a text when you reject a call.
  7. Genix

    Custom Ringtones Don't Work

    I just installed phoneAlarm and the mp3s show up in those settings so I guess the problem is solved haha.
  8. I tried to follow this http://www.i607.org/wiki/doku.php?id=mp3s_as_ringtones and install mp3s for my ringtones but no matter where I put them I can't get them to show up in the Sounds settings menu. I tried to soft reset and see if they showed up after that but that also didn't work. Any ideas?

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