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  1. Here is pack of tools for SIM and CID unlock HTC Typhoon (SPV C500). Instruction inside the archive:)
  2. Probably your battery goes lo and the phone can't turns on. You have to put battery from another phone or try charge this one and then start trying flash new ROM. Don't start flashing if your battery is less than 50%, because it could stop flashing and power off the phone.
  3. This guide works, but not always. Sometimes full decert is needed. This archive contains full instruction and all usefull tools. Working with C500, C550, C600 and many others...(checked :lol:)
  4. Here you have link to Canary/Tanager 1.5 ROM Canary/Tanager 1.5 ROM
  5. Does your phone automatically turns on, when you put on the batery?? If not, try turn it into bootloader mode and reflash it. Here you can find Qtek shipped ROM Edit: Try run with another battery
  6. Hi. I found Qtek 7070 rom I was looking for it a lot of time, and it work's ;) It's compatibile with Orange SPV ( Tested :) )HTC Tanager, i-Mate Smartphone, Smart Amazing, etc... If You have to download this ROM, this is the link -> Qtek ROM :) http://www.modaco.com/content/general-pino...k-rom-1-50-9-1/ P.S. It's full unlocked :P and english as automatic language. There is softwere to Botloader modyfication in archiwe, because You will probably have to use it :D Best Regards :(
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