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  1. Hi guys, Yup, I was one of the three that managed to turn up for the focus group tonight - allbeit a little late - sorry guys. Some basic brainstorming techniques, but the discussion was quite tightly led, and seemed quite revenue focused. I can't see anyone paying for this bit of software on their phone - I'm damned if I know anyone who would... They seemed quite fixed on this pay-per-chat model - God knows why? Maybe they're having success with thier Orange Chat via SMS thing they started recently. Can't see people paying per chat myself. I think we were saying that bundles were the way to go, but even then - the net is too strong a competitor for most people - it's always going to be niche at these levels of smartphone market penetration. Still, good to meet spacemonky and cmc2 there. Take it easy guys :) Tread
  2. I was thinking about hooking the SPV into a broadband node, and using that bandwidth for VoIP? I'm not sure- I don't know much about this stuff - can you tell? ;>
  3. I know, theoretically, the possibilities are really exciting aren't they? The theory is that this could kill 3G dead.
  4. Thanks Firaas mate. Anybody fancy having a go at writing the drivers for it? I'm thinking about getting a WiFi AP installed, or buying a pre-made and portable solution.
  5. I'm starting to get interested in Mesh Netowrking. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen an SD WiFi Card? I'm also wondering if there are any drivers that might go with it? Can you imagine an pocket full of SPV, roaming on wireless networks, surfing at broadband speed?!
  6. okey dokey - resending in a couple of mins OK - have sent
  7. I replied to the address it was sent from: [email protected] Shall I re-post it?
  8. Good to see the service up again Asif. Did you get my most recent email about the hosting?
  9. I'm gonna be out in NZ from around November time. Am probably going to take my SPV with me, as I'll be out of contract then, and I'm not looking to start a new one. Any Kiwi's on the forums? Or people who use their phones in NZ from time to time. just wondering what GPRS coverage is like, and costs. I've looked at the websites, and that's fine. but sometimes, the reality doesn't match the corporate PR, so i was just wondering about people real-life experiences. Cheers.
  10. Just out of interest, what was the pay offered for this job?
  11. Interesting that the SPVx will be released just at the time that the GPRS package will come to an end. I wonder if there will be some kind of sweetener for current SPV owners? It would be nice to think there would be, given all the research data that they have admitted that we have provided them with. Somehow, I doubt it though.
  12. Yes, I thought so too, but just posting here for information and debate :>
  13. http://www.whatmobile.net/forum/topic.asp?...p?TOPIC_ID=7472 A user reported here that his SPV has been returned from repair with the new updated software on it.
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