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  1. (Apologies for resuscitating an old thread, but it's relevant so I figured it would be better to add on that start anew.) I'm getting 3G data speed with T-Mo on my Nexus One. Capped around the ~350kbps mark. I currently have the Unlimited Internet Booster. When I check the T-Mo website I have the "Capped Data Rate" option ticked. I tried unticking it and submitting it says that my changes will be applied 5/5, but I'm pretty sure I did that a few months ago and it's still selected, so it doesn't seem to be an option that I can change (be nice if the system mentioned that...). I just spoke with T-Mo and they said that in order to get HSDPA I need to remove the Unlimited Internet Booster at £5 a month and add the Mobile Broadband Plus Booster at £12.50- I'm unsure whether this is correct as there's no mention of any of this in the above posts and it seems crazy that I have to pay over double what I'm paying now just to use the full potential of my device and their network. Does this sound right? I'm not in contract at the moment, so would it make more sense to move to a better network & could I get a better deal elsewhere on a monthly contract?
  2. Have you got a standard Windows installation with file extensions (e.g. the .mp4 part) hidden? If that's the case you can't change the file extension. To fix this, in Windows Explorer go to Tools > Folder Options > View and untick Hide extensions for known file types- (I do this as a matter of course when I first get onto a new Windows installation- I want to know what kind of files I'm dealing with. I also choose to Show hidden files and folders and tick Do not cache thumbnails too.) Try that, then renaming the .mp4 to .3gp
  3. I'm in the same boat: today I received a 6.1 replacement for my 6.0 from T-Mo - my brother still has a 6.0 on T-Mo so I will be trying to sort this out. I'll post the file if I have any joy.
  4. I had trouble when in the U.S. recently. I used the Kaiser Tweak option to disable data ("Data" -> "Enabled: T-Mobile Internet" set to Disabled), and I wasn't able to connect via Wi-Fi, which was a real pain. I didn't want to experiment with my settings and risk running up a huge data bill, so I went 3 weeks without data on my Kaiser :D Just to add insult to my pain, I still managed to rack up some data usage, even though I disabled the data while still in the UK and didn't re-enable it till I got back. Any ideas what was wrong/ recommendations of the best/ safest Wi-Fi only setting for roaming?
  5. Wish I'd seen the bt320s before I got the Sony Ericsson- mine only has the stereo output- no control buttons or mic for handsfree. Think I might sell mine on eBay and get the bt320s instead. Does its controls control any of the Kaiser's functions? It would be especially cool if it worked with Pocket Music. The T505 looks like a great solution- especially good for company/ hire cars that you can't get in to change out components or mess with wiring- the reservation I have with those is that you're losing audio quality by dropping down to FMIt's time that I upgraded my car's ~15 year old head unit, so it makes sense to go down the route of getting an all in one solution. There's a review of an a2dp headunit (Pioneer 7900BT) here, which also has the AVRCP allowing you to control your BT directly media player from the headunit. Also, according to the XDA Developer AVRCP wiki page, Pocket Music doesn't have support, which is a shame as I much prefer Pocket Music's landscape interface on the Kaiser for in car use compared with Conduits' Pocket Player which does have support. There's some talk in that thread of the more advanced AVRCP v1.3 which also transmits song info to the head unit, but I can't find whether the Kaiser has support for this, or whether there are v1.3 head units yet. Hoping to hear back from anyone with a Kaiser, just for confirmation that it's practical and all works well.
  6. I have my Kaiser talking to a Sony A2DP bluetooth dongle with a 3.5mm socket, plugged into a cassette adapter in my ageing Alpine. The quality's not too bad, but I know it could/should be better. I'm thinking of getting a A2DP enabled head unit: anyone have any experience (especially with the Kaiser and Pocket Music) or recommendations? C*
  7. I'm suprised this is still being recommended by Modaco when there are so many people consistently having problems. I've been on the verge of signing up a number of time since I got my Vario III in Jan, but every time I check there's always enough bad experiences in this forum to keep me away. The worst thing seems to be the lack of support from M:Metrics and why are these international SMSs still being sent? Surely it'd be easy enough for them to set up a UK number which could forward on to them. All seems a bit sketchy to me. C*
  8. Try Pocket CM - it's being actively developed at the moment, so has a few rough edges, but is many people's contact manager of choice. http://www.pocketcm.com/contact.php C*
  9. If you can take a screen-grab of the font you want to find the name of on the Kaiser, try uploading it to http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ - they have a pretty amazing font recognition system there. C*
  10. Could anyone who's been using this on a Kaiser for any length of time confirm that it runs without any issues? Cheers C*
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