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  1. I have the same problem. This app has totally wrecked my E620 and i600. Wifi on both of them fails after installing WMWifiRouter. Un-installing makes no difference. Looks like a hard re-set is the only fix. Very poor show indeed.
  2. For some reason my email app has stopped working. It will not open at all. It was fine yesterday. Any ideas?
  3. Actually, the problems still exist even with the new ROM.
  4. Thanks for that. However you would think my even the mightily Microsoft could recognise UK English as a language!!
  5. Just to let you know the Office 6.1 upgrade does not work on my HTC S620. The install says the language does not match the phone. My language is UK English and the only language you can download is US English.
  6. If I assign a 'send text message' function to my speed dials, it gets deleted when the phone is turned off and on. All speed dials are fine. This never used to happen. Any idea who it can be fixed?
  7. Just noticed that the UK flag has disappeared form the update page. Maybe it not coming to the UK after all?
  8. Turn off the sim pin and reboot. Problem will go away. T-Mob are aware and are fixing the problem.
  9. What phone are you using? T-Mob told me this morning is i a known problem for them with the MDA series and they are working to fix it.
  10. I am on T-Mob and had this problem lat week. T-Mob exchanged my sim card and everything was fine until i woke up this morning. Now I am roaming again ;)
  11. Now the new sim has done the same thing after a week.
  12. My device has just started to show "roaming" on my home network. How do I stop that? Emails no longer auto-retrieve because the phone thinks it's roaming!!
  13. I just upgraded to the HTC beta WM6 ROM and all of my problems have disappeared!
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