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  1. Well, those of you who visit or otherwise frequent XDA-Devs have probably already been to the thread there, I won't link it directly... rivalry and all that. <_< Otherwise, http://blackstone.htc-unlocks.com I'm aiming to get in touch with Paul and work out something for modaco chaps.
  2. yeah, MS isn't Florin, unless Florin is a particularly accomplished split personality, but I doubt it. as for "Olipro's help with unlocks" I'm not in cahoots with IMEI-Check either... they only seem to be in the business of flogging database unlock codes nowadays.
  3. I don't have anything against IMEI-Check and I equally feel that your right to protect people ripping your stuff is fair. Let's just say for example someone cracked one of your EXEs; ripped out Themida and laid it bare - that's evidently your work still, and hence, not on... of course, it's an occupational hazard of the game. But, let's now say instead, someone examines what the program actually does, for arguement's sake, let's say you do a patch to the AMSS... if they extract the AMSS you patched, again, that's not fairplay. If they analyse the technique, take a stock AMSS, patch it with fresh code from an adapted idea... they've now done their own work, it's an original unlocker. (case in point, the Hermes radio; it wasn't based on one you yourself did, pof sent me the source code to the stuff he wrote to figure out how to patch a fresh AMSS) At the end of the day, you don't owe anyone anything to release it for free, but, trying to stifle others original creations isn't fair play either... And we both know you're not exactly short of the sexy stuff either... after HTC whipped rtask out of the SPL, you had no problems nabbing yourself an MFG for the Trinity, though, I'm surprised you never figured out the function to route the two ports together was still there if you can be bothered to add a small function to call it in unused code space.
  4. a "from the ground-up" production is different to a verbatim copy, and I will reiterate again how you had no problem getting the ripped off downgrader taken off. You can't make the same arguement however when someone grabs a stock HTC bit of code and then makes a modification based on the same concept; this is exactly why software patents are crap, there's only so many ways to skin a proverbial cat.
  5. you invented SSPL first you say? who cares, nobody used (or does to this day) any part of it. to remove signing, you can either replace the 0x8009006 error code or patch the return code of TransferMSCertBuffer after disassembly... one is faster than the other, but to suggest that using the 0x8009006 error code patch (which is well documented in MSDN for those who want to know what it actually means) is theft is just bloody daft. Hard-SPL and Soft-SPL of course are their own respective works, though they're very similar, nobody ever used any part of your work to implement this because it would be utterly useless to try, the end effect is the same. As for you not enjoying the same rights... that's wrong too, as I recall, a piece of your software for Hermes did get ripped off; it allowed people to downgrade SPL (back in the days when downgrading SPL was necessary for a sim unlock) and then that software was removed at your request, because, it was indeed, your stuff. What you (and I) don't have the right to get removed is an original work that doesn't copy the software itself but does have an originally created implementation of the same technique... doing that means it's generated from scratch... Dunlop and Michelin both manufacture tyres, but just because Dunlop made them first doesn't mean Michelin stole the idea... they use their own fabrication, they didn't clone the stuff in Dunlop's factory. As you say "please check the facts before you make such claims"
  6. This is utter crap. He's stolen a number of things from US in the past, calling US thieves really annoys me. So... to address the issue; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=1572884 and as a PostScript: I'd like to add that one of your moderators, whom clearly doesn't have a sodding clue what he's talking about; should learn to shut his mouth and not be such a gobshite.
  7. if you're on contract, the only setting you need to worry about for internet is orangeinternet for your AP. for mms it's orangemms, then in the MMS settings page in outlook, you need to configure that with the MMS settings; filesaveas.com has them
  8. quite right, it's a grey area; and it's really only down to dictatorial choice of the forum owners, therefore, neither I, anyone else, or Tech has a right to comment on the permittabililty of the topic of hand.
  9. I should point out... anyone on 1.30 needs to force SSPL to flash it.
  10. well sadly, if you already have 0108 then it won't allow flashing of a new radio BL, so it's essentially redundant, but the new Hard-SPL has made up for that. also... SPL-1.35 is released; if your phone has Real Bad Blocks then you should definitely flash this... and if you're bored, go ahead and flash it anyway.
  11. there's no official releases, but Microsoft aren't selling the software either, so there's no financial loss to them in terms of that, in fact, the reason XDA-Devs was asked to remove ROMs was because Operators were complaing about morons trying to get support for unofficial ROMs.
  12. thanks, I only found this site through google actually, thought it'd be good practice to keep everyone updated :(
  13. they exist, everyone is quite aware they exist, everyone can procure them quite easily. I see no harm in the discussion so long as no links are provided that could incriminate MoDaCo. if you're coming from any other angle, it could well be construed as an attempt to be officious and kiss arse in a ploy to commandeer a position on the site. personally, I go by the wikipedia philosophy of "don't be a dick"
  14. I know it sounds like shameless whoring... but flash Hard-SPL and then the only way you'll actually be able to brick your phone is by managing to corrupt the Radio Bootloader, which isn't all that easy to do fortunately
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