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  1. I've been using your latest Titatium Classic since it was released and I find it very stable. Thank you for your hard and dedicated work Ock. Job well done! :D
  2. Dude try digging more... you dont want to be spoon-fed, do you? All the topics in this forum have dates of when it was uploaded and when it was updated. Read further... good day!
  3. Using your UL Sir Ock... and im lovin it! Nice work! Make good on your studies!
  4. Da_G just release a new ROM... 23071. If there's any changes from the previous 23069 (since 23071 is new), then mind if you cook that one instead, Ryrzy? If not worth cooking, then i guess we'll stick to the 23069 release. Waiting for the next release. Thanks Ryrzy, awesome ROMS!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Its all good now, after a hard reset. Must have messed up with the threaded message option. Anyways, have you got the Ls_lockscene CPR that disappeared? Ive tried the ones from 23064 of WoZZer but it is still messed up. I still have some borders on the buttom. Thanks again... Ryrzy. Great work by the way. :) EDIT: Managed to do it myself. Ur ROM is just awesome Ryrzy. Thanks again.
  6. Has anyone got problems not opening messages? Coz i cant seem to open my inbox to reply. Soft reseted, still have the same thing. Ive read on Khuanchai's thread that they're having the same issue. 23064 BUG? Ryrzy... dya have this issue on ur ROMs too? It didnt have issue's on the first two messages i got, but now cant open it. I still can create new messages, though.
  7. EZInput lags a bit when typing on M2D 2.0 ROM... anyone can confirm this?
  8. Thanks Ryrzy... for the quick reply. When u said here, you mean? Here @ modaco? Ive seached already and found nothing but Modded LS_Lockscenes. :) Apologies if havent found what you mean. Edit: Got it, 4shared is now up. Just going to download woZZer's sys and xip. Then get the LS from there. Thanks again Ryrzy! Good day to you!
  9. Ryrzy. Thanks for the awesome M2D ROM. Just wondering how can i change the shutter switch of the camera from the D-PAD to its default (the button on top). And also, do you have the default Microsoft ls_lockscene CPRs? I kinda dont like the MOD one. Ive flashed from your lite ROM to ur M2D one, cause i like the EZinput keyboard, and it's cool. really! :) thanks man!
  10. Click here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/: Good luck!
  11. Ey D?!?? Where you at dude? Ive been missing your ROMs man, coz its been a while since your last ROM. How's everything goin so far? Are you still the "more work, less talk" kind of guy? I bet you still are! :) Anyway's just dropped by to say hi. Oh by the way, got bored of my new iPhone 3GS, so i snatched back my Omnia from my girlfriend and we switch phones. :D You know what i mean...:P Oh well, hafta go. Take care dude! :D
  12. Nope... it's stock Samsung Winmo 6.1 and it's way too old. :)
  13. I like the xtra apps you've included D. ;) Saves me time installing it to my phone. I dont use much tools on my phone tho (nodata, cyberon voice dial and the like), just the apps, like facebook and youtube. And showcase is way better than the htc taskmanager, and i like its UI... ofcourse if you installed apps that i dont frequently use, i would asked for something clean and rather install apps that i like instead. Im used to ur ROMs so whatever you prefer releasing, it would do us a great favor too. Coz i know you like your ROMs as clean as possible, fits me in that category too. I would wait for you to test the newest build (23008) and your comments about it, then i'll take your word, if its worth upgrading. Your work has been greatly appreciated D, thanks again for ur ROMs. CHEERS! :D
  14. Ive checked it on my friends Omnia, on how he did it... and i think i know wat you mean D. ;) Thanks for the ROM... using it right now and its quite awesome, ENJOYING IT EVEN!!! Checking for bugs further... again THANK YOU SO MUCH! Take care! Cheers!
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