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  1. Actually, you are right. The install said failed, however, I noticed the icon in my apps drawer, ran it, and it got stuck on activation like everyone else...
  2. Freshly rooted European S3. Used Root File Explorer to move a copy of your file to /System/App. Ran from there. Chose Install. Fails at "Application not installed". Please help!
  3. I have had the phone for 10 days and the memory sucks. I can never seem to get more the 14M free. Also, I remember the phone being marketed as tri-band 3g, but the phone actually uses the 2100MH band which means NO 3G in US. I have been unable to run many programs which require at least 10M of memory free. When I look,nothin is running yet memory is below 10M. Does anyone know how to free up program memory in WM6?
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