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  1. Thanks everyone, you have no idea how much time I have sent on this
  2. How can I change any of the four shortcuts at the bottom of the home screen? I can press and hold, and drag to the trash can, but it does not delete. These could be altered on Gingerbread, but it does not seem to be happening now with ICS
  3. Did you ever find out a solution to this? I have same problem, same phone and using media monkey too.
  4. Which one is the firmware number ... I see Build, Kernel, Baseband, Android ... but nothing saying firmware :blink:
  5. Same for me. The instructions seem to say that the whole message will be read though
  6. I've read a few complaints on the net about range, but my S2 connects just the same as all my previous phones at home. It also picks up various routers from the neighbours or when walking down the street. So no problems here
  7. I've just got a SGP protector. Fits perfect, and in several years using various makes, this went on perfect with no creases, bubbles, marks, dust or hairs. There are five types to choose from - I went for the Ultra Optics which seems to strike a balance between hardness, light transmission and anti-fingerprint. It has a matt finish which is not as slippery as the bare screen or gloss protectors, but it does not attract fingerprints. The oleophobic version is like the bare screen - gloss finish and it will get grease marks but is easily wiped. The matt finish of the Ultra Optics version feels a bit odd at first, but is just as sensitive and you get used to it - but you don't have to wipe it every five minutes. Search ebay for " gutkoreainc ". Works out about £13 delivered to the UK in 8 days or so. And this is for two protectors! Top quality and a bargain, and I'd recommend the seller
  8. I got this error when I disconnected the Blade from my PC without first unmounting the device via Windows. The card is a 16gb Sandisk However the phone still worked and the Sd Card could still be browsed and files accessed I just reconnected the phone to the PC, and mounted the card, checked that the card was accessible from windows, then disconnected it again properly, and the error went away
  9. I have a car radio with bluetooth, which allows it to be used as a hands free speaker phone and will also play music from the phone. First problem is that when connected, all sound from the phone gets played on the speakers, so that for instance when listening to the car radio, the music gets cut off whenever a text, email or even satnav directions get played by the phone. Is there a way to just have the phone connected for handsfree phone calls via bluetooth, and not every single sound from the phone - like I could on my previous WM 6 phone? Secondly, when playing music over bluetooth to either my car radio or headphones, the music gets cut off for a fraction of a second every so often. I think this is due to some background task using up the processor or suchlike - eg checking email or sending data etc. Is this a known problem and is there a solution? It's not really possible to start shutting down every task each time I want to listen to music over bluetooth
  10. Is it possible to rename paired bluetooth devices to something more meaningful?
  11. I have the power monkey. The power monkey is seen as an AC charger by the SF, and not a USB charger, so I presume charges quicker? The power monkey won't charge the SF completely full from near flat, and tends to do upto about 80-90%, but when the SF is used with the power monkey connected, it gets its power from the power monkey and not the internal battery, so as the power monkey is 2200 mAh, I presume it will last quite a while. The power monkey does come with a micro USB tip along with several others, and it also comes with a useful mains travel charger for other countries Have a look at www.portablepowersupplies.co.uk . I also have the 3400 mAh battery from them and it will do nearly two full charges of the SF, and its not much bigger than the SF. They also so a 5000 mAh unit with two outputs for charging two things at once - but if you search on Amazon for " 5000 mAh external batttery " you will see a similar one for less money
  12. When GPS is turned on from the settings, I notice that I only get the GPS icon on the task bar when a program is actually using GPS. Close the program and the icon disappears So does this mean that the GPS won't be active, and using battery power unless a program is using it and the icon displayed? I've also noticed that even when I have "use assisted GPS" ticked, it still takes quite a few minutes to get a GPS lock, even when the phone hase been switched off and back on in the same location. I'm using CoPilot, so is this an issue with the software or the phone?
  13. Have a look at the SE CDS-75 desk holder. You may be able to adapt this by removing the SE connector and fitting a micro USB one The holder in the OP can be found cheaper (for UK users) from www.7dayshop.com
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