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  1. Wiped from CWR and restored from TiBu Everything seems to be ok so far.... Thank you all for the feedback, and thank you Master Coder Chef Paul
  2. Same here, SystemUI FC and no softbuttons... Re-bake, wipe, any other option?
  3. I know this is pre-emptive, but what are the chances of an Ir-15 with JellyBean, after its release post-Google I/O next week?
  4. May we also request google wallet support for the kitchen? Thank you kindly and happy Christmas
  5. I recall reading that we were planning on adding Google Wallet support in the kitchen selections; is that still a consideration? Thank you kindly in advance. Happy Holidays
  6. These work fine with my streak http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/porta...dio-video/e59a/
  7. Has anybody seen anywhere a way to import settings/desktop icons from the basic ADW launcher? Thank you in advance.
  8. I had to revert to stock Froyo; unfortunately I could not receive SMS's after I flashed 1.4.6. In fact I had to factory reset stock froyo (loosing all my texts, since Titanium backup did not save them) to receive SMS's again ;)
  9. Yup, me too... I got impatient and loaded 1.4.6 from Stock Froyo... happened 2 hours after all was loaded and running... the computing world is akin to tasseomancy at times ;)
  10. Sooooo, I was about to make the jump from stock 2.2 froyo to 1.4.6... Should I do it, or wait a bit more for a surprise :P
  11. If we may have the camera as in stock, it makes more sense, no?
  12. Bump... With so many more people loading the official froyo or DJ_Stephen's new builds, is there any more feedback regarding this? Thank you in advance.
  13. Well then though I had donated on the Cyanogen forum, here is a bit more towards your Bluetooth Headset purchase: Confirmation number: 0Y9096138L828424Y. If I may kindly ask for you to test the Bluetooth Headset Voice Command thing, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  14. One more happy, confirmed working customer here. ATT Locked, 2.2 Official froyo. Mr. Stephen Sir, what on earth is that file, that fixes the issue, and why can't Dell QA have those fixes done before they release? We are grateful to you for supporting us B) So if I may ask two more questions, is it possible to look at the Bluetooth Voice Search thing? If you try to do a Voice Command on the headset, it works, but if FC's if you do it via a Bluethoogh Headset. If that works in your 1.4.2, is it possible to load it over Stock 2.2 without having to wipe the device? Thank you in advance for any possible answers.
  15. Greetings All, Thanks to the efforts ot DJ_Steven, Fards, Jenn and all others, like many here I was able to go from the O2 8105 to the (Fastboot) Froyo with no issues. With Froyo, Voice Actions are introduced, and as per the official 2.2 Changelog, 'Bluetooth Voice Dialing' is enabled. I have not been able to use 'Bluetooth Voice Dialing' that is different than simple 'Voice Dialing and Commands' through the phone's mike that works. For some reason the Bluetooth Voice Dialer starts, then crashes. Using a Jawbone Icon... Has anyone here managed to do this, or make this work? Thank you all in advance.
  16. Greetings all; if I may kindly ask: is the current build (1.0 Oct 17th, I believe) still having the call waiting issue previously mentioned in the thread? If so, would it be possible to comment on any fixes possible, or any status updates? Thank you all and particularly Mr. Stephen Hyde in advance.
  17. I am sticking with ADW for the time being. ADW can stay locked in portrait mode if you "Enable Persistence right after you select Portrait Orientation. I have not found a way to lock LP in portrait mode... hopefully there will be a possibility soon.
  18. OtterBox Dell Streak Impact Case More info here: http://www.otterbox.com/dell-cases/dell-st...ct-series-case/ Ordered; see what comes...
  19. The Tab may have a phone, but it does not have a Headphone, so it is BlueTooth headset only. There is no comparison to our Streaks :huh:
  20. I had the same issue initially, and I realized that if you use an 'US edited' build.prop from earlier builds, that will modify the 'About....' string with the older build number, and confuse the heck out of us. If you have loaded the newer build, the dialer app has a clever little 'waveform plot' like screen in blue when you connect that turns to red when you disconnect; a nice aesthetic touch IMHO :huh: If you edit your build.prop you can restore the correct build info there ;)
  21. So I thought I was going crazy; I had flashed successfully and then I had copied an older build.prop file for US on the system. That made the about string misadentify the build as the 6931. So question to all; does the 8023 still need an edited build.prop for US, and if so, is there one that is set for US? Thank you in advance.
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