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  1. I am experiencing the same thing; it started while I was on Jr6, and now on Jr7

    I am not sure though that iit is because of the MCR roms. It is 'systemic' somehow, as I do not experience that on the Gallaxy Nexus MCR Jr5 Rom.

    What I mean with that is that I do not think that it is something that Paul's custom 'stock' Rom is doing... it feels weird that a quad core Tegra 3 unit runs slower that the Dual core OMAP chip on the GN.

    It lags, and then it all of a sudden starts working fine... and then it lags again... cleared Dalvik, then flashed stock and redid the Jr7... me thinks there is a ghost in da machine... any ideas?

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. Quick question if I may:

    With today's update, when you select this option:

    Menu button on both sides also active when hidden - navigation bar on right in landscape installed to /system partition

    • This option displays the legacy menu button on both sides when needed (keeping them active when hidden) and the navigation on the right in landscape.

    Does Google Now still appear to be "messed up" when you drag the home button to activate it in Landscape?

    Thank you in advance, and thank you Mr. P. for your excellence, support and attention to detail.

  3. Just a heads up, there might be an issue with the modified taskbar.

    I selected menu on both sides, without "side flipping" mod, and all I get in landscape is a blank bar, with just the hidden menu being selectable


    Will bake another and see...


    Just baked another - I got my buttons "flipped in landscape back" but, - it appears that when you choose the

    Navigation Bar Side Modification installed to /system partition

    • This option modifies the navigation bar behaviour to move to the right hand side of the device in landscape mode.

      That supersedes

      Menu button on both sides also active when hidden installed to /system partition

      • This option displays the legacy menu button on the both sides when needed and also keeps them active when it is hidden.

      because that now is not active anymore, in this second bake I made...

      Anyone else?

  4. Look at my edited post (1 above yours).

    Indeed, it now works!

    And after that you can turn Google location services back on, and it still works!

    Makes you wonder if there was a corrupt cached entry somewhere...

    Thank you


    scratch that, you leave Google's location services on, and it fails again after a few minutes.

    Makes you wonder why that's the case, especially since this doesn't happen on nexus 7's Jr5 ROM...

    ...scratching my head in bewilderment...

  5. I'm running a baked JR4 and today I realized that I have also problems with GPS lock, didn't have that problem with the previous versions.

    I was finding the same thing just now... so I downloaded an app called GPS Status & Toolbox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2&hl=en) to get more of a handle on it (number of locked satellites etc.) and found that almost immediately it downloaded some GPS assistance data and voila I was back to being pinpointed with a very fast lock in all other apps. Maybe it's worth giving that a try?

    I am also experiencing the same issue .and the GPS utility does not help either.

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. For the JRO03C build, I have a question:

    All of a sudden, when the nexus is plugged in to charge, the screen dims after the set interval (2 mins) but the phone never shuts off.

    It seems to shutoff after 2 mins when unplugged, but it stays on when on the charger.

    anyone else experiencing this, or would anyone know what would be causing it?

    I have not changed anything else afaik.

    Thank you in advance.

  7. I was wondering if anyone had the issue with the way jelly bean has sdcards on the gnex, before there was just /sdcard now there is /storage/sdcard0. I installled francos r216 384gpu kernel from recovery and when i rebooted it optimized my apps then i was having issues with poweramp recognizing music files. Has anyone else had similar issues.

    Up until i changed kernels there was no issues, im assuming it recognized the other sdcard then?

    There's a symbolic link that redirects /sdcard to /storage/sdcard0, even with the stock kernel. It is possible that something else that Franco's kernel is doing causes this interaction (?) with music files and poweramp...

  8. 5.8GHz WiFi Band Question:

    I noticed that since I flashed Jr-1 I can no longer see AP's in the 5.8GHz WiFi range...

    I understand that this could be a baseband issue with the new ROM (currently running UGLC1).

    *** UPDATE ***

    Even with the XXLF1 Baseband, I still cannot scan the 5.8GHz bands; anyone else seeing this?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Titanium Backup Pro question for all Jr1 users:

    I am not able to "Integrate into ROM" updates, like Google+ anymore; it just hangs out on Integrating...

    I have been using this all the time on all IrXX builds; anyone having a similar experience?

    I am wondering if it is due to ROM format changes, or whether TiBu would need to be compatible through an (eventual) upgrade.

    Thank you in advance.

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