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  1. Anyone tried the Android port of ScummVM on the Vega? Any feedback? Thanks.
  2. Thinking of hunting out a Vega, but I'm worried by reviews that say there is a permanent on-screen menu bar that gets in the way. Can this be disposed of with a custom ROM? I'd like to be able to read ebooks and CBR/CBZ comics fullscreen. Thanks.
  3. I've just switched to a Nexus One from my aged HTC Hermes, but put WM7 and a keyboard on this and I'd be tempted back.
  4. Hmmmm. If this was shipping in the UK with Google Maps Navigation then I think I'd have my order placed by now. As it is, I may just wait and see (although it's this wait and see attitude that means I'm sitting here writing this on my 3 and a half year old Hermes!).
  5. I thought .n was no longer draft but had been ratified.
  6. What is this verb "to range" that all the phone sites seem to using lately?
  7. My Windows Live id is [email protected] I can't see how to enter this address on the phone when starting the app. It let's you choose hotmail.com, live.com or msn.com - no good. It does have 'other' in the dropdown but it doesn't seem you can then enter your actual id if you choose this. Any ideas? Edit: Doh! Scrap that. You just overtype 'other'.
  8. About time. Have they fixed the audio bug which Touch Diamond 2 users have been experiencing with their 'pre-release' versions of the software?
  9. I don't see a 2% discount really getting those orders flooding in somehow.
  10. Will they please bring back the scroll wheel of the Hermes/Tytn II so we can read a long website with one hand (scrolling with our thumb). In fact, bring back the D-Pad with centre click too. All this aping the iPhone is making the phones LESS usable.
  11. Has it got a scroll wheel? I'm sticking with my Vario II until someone brings out something with a scroll wheel.
  12. Are they ever gonna produce any phones with a joypad and scroll wheel again? Looks like I'm stuck with my Hermes till I die!
  13. Any news on TomTom or Exchange syncing over the air? Can't consider it until these two are available.
  14. Yeah. I too am worried how HTC have moved away from hardware buttons. If this had the same hardware buttons as the Hermes and Kaiser I'd be in like a shot. I use my phones one-handed. This needs two hands. How is that progress?
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