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  1. 4smartphone have given great service to me for the last 2 or 3 years, but I'll be damned if I'm swallowing a virtually 50% increase in prices, for a reduction in service. That's not right at all.
  2. Both my laptop and my desktop are Vista... how can I do this?
  3. Can someone tell me if the Blackjack and the i600 have identical external dimensions? For example, will a car cradle (Brodit) for the Blackjack also fit the i600? Cheers!
  4. I'm used to being able to charge my smartphones via USB. Using the datacable, I see the power icon showing it is connected, but the phone battery doesn't seem to charge. If I connect the datacable to the external charger, nothing happens at all. I'm OK with that, even though I'd prefer it otherwise... Should the i600 charge over USB? Could I have a wonky cable / phone?
  5. I usually have Brodit holders for my phones - but I bought an i607 (Blackjack) holder and it didn't fit the i600 - it was loose!!! Does anywhere (yet) do an i600 car cradle? Passive is fine...
  6. I ordered a 600 from Expansys in the UK late last night, when their website finally changed from pre-order... What I can't seem to find out, though, are if the phone's external dimensions are identical to the Blackjack (607). I ask because I want to buy the Brodit phone holder so I can use it in my car with the proclip bits I already have, but don't want to buy the one labelled for the 607 only to find it doesn't fit. Does anyone know what comes in the package with the 600? 2 batteries?
  7. You can do both. Easy to hold in both hands and thumb type, but sat on a desk, or next to you on the sofa, and you can type. Its no laptop keyboard, so touch typing is probably out, but 4 finger typing (once you get used to where the punctuation is) is relatively easy. I found the keyboard very quick to get used to...
  8. Thanks for the advice. Hitchhiker wouldn't install properly - or rather would freeze the device when I ran it. I went to work and connected straight away to a T Mobile hotspot, which kinda told me the WiFi itself wasn't broken. I had a bit of a think, then came home and adjusted my IP range and VOILA it worked. So here's a word of warning. If you have your router set to giving out IPs via DHCP, there's a very good chance the device won't work properly. I changed (back) to and it worked straight off, no problem.
  9. I used to have no problems setting up my Ipaq 4150 for WiFi access, but for some reason I can't get this MDA Pro online. It kept trying to dial the 3G connection, so I disabled the radio and kept the WiFi active, and now it won't connect to ANYTHING... Does anyone have a dummies guide? I've got it configured (as far as I can tell) exactly as my Ipaq 4150, but it ain't happening... First things first, I need to get WiFi working. Secondly, I want to get it to connect using WiFi first of all, then to dial 3G if it can't. That's gotta be possible, surely. What I've got happening at the moment? It shows the SSID of my network as "Connecting" but never shows connected, yet on my router I can plainly see it has a DHCP assigned IP in the correct range, and shows as a connected wireless client. I must be overlooking something simple, but I can't see it!
  10. To answer my own post, YUP - it looks like you now have to pay for MSN in their POCKET MSN bundle... £10.99 (UK) one-off, so hardly a bank-breaker - but a pain in the butt nonetheless...
  11. I don't particularly mind paying for it, but really liked the way it was integrated with the OS in 2003/2003SE... Agile Mobile was OK, but never quite as nice as the proper MSN for me... Plus, I gather the owers of Agile Mobile are going to be charging too, according to their website.
  12. Been hunting through the menus, and can't seem to find it, which is a major worry... Can someone advise what is the name of the executable that their MSN runs on their device, and can anyone confirm MSN is in the expected build of the MDA Pro?
  13. Mine arrived by Special Delivery this morning... I guess this makes me one of the first forum members to get a HTC Universal device on a UK Operator, with their own branded (non iMate) device... :o That's pretty cool. It feels lovely, and is just charging up at the moment. 2 things I've noticed - it finds my WiFi network, but dials 3G instead (so I need to work that one out) and secondly, I can't see MSN preinstalled - which is a pain...
  14. Hopefully not breaking any forum rules, but in a MAJOR coup (not even the direct channels have them yet!) http://www.scancom.co.uk had a delivery of MDA Pro today, and had roughly 200 available on T Mobile contracts... Just a heads up for anyone who wanted to be first to market. Fingers crossed, mine should arrive in the morning. Chap said 60 had already gone. T Mobile's new Web n Walk tarifs come into effect tomorrow. Similar to the current Relax ones, the offer 100, 200 or 400 minutes of calls, but all are complete with 40mb of data. I managed to pick up the MDA Pro on the 200 minute tarif, 18 month contract. Its £19 per month in 1-3 and 16-18, and £38 per month for the 12 months in the middle. Additional data is (currently) £1 per mb, which isn't the cheapest but isn't too bad... I'm sure if I'd waited, I could have got a better deal (maybe even a good upgrade from Orange!) but my impatience got the better of me in the end :o
  15. Does anyone know of anything in development? Something that'll allow MSN to be used with the 3G / Video functions? MSN on a PC is great, as you can hookup a webcam. MSN on an SPV is good because you can be on the move... But I'm hoping MSN on a 3G Videophone like the Universal will combine the best of both worlds... Any news?
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