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  1. I believe there was a PSP port of TTD and since the interface (controls) are similar, with the D-pad and buttons. The problem with it was that the controls were too awkward to build a full rail network in a feasible time period. However, if this can be done for the smartphone, control-wise, it would be a great addition to the SP games library.
  2. I've been gone for awhile now, and once I came back, I find this topic. :) It worked quite well, even with the leaked WM2k3 ROM I had on my phone. There wasn't any problems at all after the install (no deleted files and the like). But I was wondering, once I can upgrade to WM5 or downgrade back to 2k2, will the SIM unlock reset itself? I'm not sure it will overwrite this modded firmwire once I get WM5 or 2k2. Anyway, many thanks to njitram (for the topic) and rasoul (for the guide)
  3. I would definately recommend TCPMP/ Betaplayer (they are the same right?). It plays almost any video file you can compress with PocketDivxEncoder (http://divx.ppccool.com/).
  4. Nice game, good controls and menu. On puzzle games, any chance for a Puzzle de Pon-like game to come on SPs anytime soon?
  5. Yes, the MPX200 only has a 200 mhz processor, too little for smooth emulation. Might as well stick to the NES.
  6. Wow, I haven't posted here in awhile, lol. :o Anyway, GBA emulators not availible for Smartphones. SNES emulators struggle as is on today's phones.
  7. It's a little off topic, but does WMP 10 support visualisations?
  8. I really don't think it'll do any good to delete the stuff in the windows folder...or does it?
  9. Its perfectly safe to do so. I swap SDs all the time, just don't swap while something is already running off of the SD.
  10. Betaplayer might support FLAC is you could get your hands on a decoder and convert it into the BP plugin.
  11. Better yet, 20 GB+! Make your smartphone an external HDD! @awarner: I have tons of regular SDs and I don't want to spend more for miniSDs... unless they have dual-compatibility :D
  12. Hmm...I remember when I used to do that with my TI-83+. Nice one, zimy. I like the amount you can convert, but the interface takes a little getting used to. Will you be adding currency sometime in the future? If so, can you have some type of reference text that lists the currency so that we can have up-to-date currency conversions (I don't have mobile internet)
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