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  1. Hmmm. This could be interesting: (BeamRider + Paul) x CamerAware = Cameras + Traffic
  2. I guess that with the country going down the tubes, 7 of the 8 will remain on the shelf for evermore [there is always at least one person with more money than sense B) ]
  3. As I had heard nothing about this for a long time, I thought I would ask T-Mobile what the current status is, as I only get an average 2G signal at home whereas "3" have a good 3G signal. Here is their reply, suggesting I should contact their Press office. I think that offshoring T-Mobile customer support means that any reply to a question that isn't in their standard list isn't worth asking, even more than once!
  4. all we need now is for someone to get a Wiimote to talk to the Touch Pro [bluetooth] so that you can control this from your armchair instead of using the touchscreen!
  5. Not forgetting that the latest updates for Batti (2.3) now also include AppToDate support
  6. I love the Auto-Adjust Backlight feature within Power settings, as this means that no matter whether you are inside or outside in bright sunshine, the screen is always easily viewable. Just one question though: On my previous devices, I had the backlight on the second step along the brightness scale so that the battery life was not drained. The "lowest" setting when using the Auto-Adjust Backlight feature seems to be the "third" step. Does anyone know if there is a registry tweak to set the lowest brightness level when using Auto-Adjust Backlight feature ?
  7. That gives Brodit a week to sort out a holder for the Compact IV / P3702 Victor so that we can enter the comp!!
  8. Can I just confirm whether it is incoming or outgoing mail you are having trouble with? I only say cos the topic mentions sending (which would be an issue with the smtp settings) but the OP talks about trouble receiving! If outgoing: you might need to check the box that the outgoing server requries authentication.
  9. I think that the file has moved: try: http://theloanranger.romraid.com/diamond-a...beFlashLite.cab
  10. Phones 4 U are offering £175 Quidco Cashback for a HTC Touch Diamond (contract phone purchase on Orange Dolphin 35 - 18 months) http://www.quidco.com/phones-4u/ " Note: £175 is only available on the HTC Touch Diamond on pay monthly contract on Orange Dolphin 35 (18 months) 600 Minutes. Commission on the £175 deal will initially track at £60 but will be validated at £175. Commission will not be paid if contract is cancelled or returned. "
  11. I wish that the PAYG price in the OP was £149 - that would be so much cheaper than buying SIM free! I am hoping that the £100 price for the iPhone 3G will act as a precedent for the maximum cost of a high-end device, and that on the lower tariffs we dont see silly prices from the operators. Sadly for me as a low user (am currently on Flext 20+WnW) T-Mobile UK seem to have dropped all the lower value plans, so am hoping that this will be a good price for me as an upgrade.
  12. We are starting development in the office on a Windows Mobile application for the first time, and I need to arrange to have the appropriate software installed on our development PC's. We currently run on Windows 2000 (although there is talk of moving to XP Pro in a few months) Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition (one up from Pro) We have not yet got: WM6 SDK Active Sync (and to be honest I doubt we ever will) I am slightly worried that the download page for the WM6 SDK states Windows XP/ Vista/ Server 2003, but no sign of Windows 2000. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Has anyone installed WM6 SDK on Win2000??
  13. Whilst trying to justify to myself the expense (esp from Expansys who seem to be overcharging massively) I have done a quick froogle, and this is the best I have found: Total PDA £421.77 (inc vat and citylink shipping) http://www.totalpda.co.uk/HTC/HTC-Diamond.7291.html If you find yourself a discount code, such as "TDOFF15", you might get it even cheaper - plus remember Quidco for another 4% cashback :D but be quick, as they are only showing 3 in stock!
  14. Why not use a bar bag and slip the phone into the map holder on top? for power, play do a solar charger (about £23) which includes a number of connectors including mini-usb, so you could have that in the map holder too - easy, and far safer than risking losing the phone by it slipping out a brodit mount on the bumpy stuff
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