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  1. I know very little but there is this... If you have made an insecure boot image then adb access is enabled much earlier for debugging. Maybe this will help
  2. I'm new to this device. If you successfully downgrade and root is achieved could you give a quick 'how to' on the downgrade process including whether any ota updates were allowed to happen etc? I'm planning on trying los14.1 and it would be good to upgrade to the latest rootable version via ota patches so that modem files etc are at newest possible versions before installing lineage Cheers
  3. 2015072214222958.zip is at ... not sure if the same result can be achieved with this?
  4. Thanks @yomarshmellow Right, what are the exact names of unavailable files? Is it just 2016041213291898.zip (or files within)? I'll join in the search for them
  5. Did you ever manage to donwgrade or root and install a new rom? I'm in the same boat as you, on 6.0.1 and unable to root or downgrade
  6. Ditto. I'm in the same boat. Anyone know how to proceed? Or are we 6.0.1 users out of luck?
  7. OK, I'm having a spot of trouble rooting 6.0.1 VDF-995NB02-UK10d The recommended apps dont seem to be working. I'm guessing it's due to the latest update last year sometime. Is there a recommended way to root at the moment? Re this ROM, do I need to install on top of marshmallow or can I roll back to lollipop somehow, root and then install lineage?
  8. @mad cabbie It's made by pegatron. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
  9. Yes, many thanks dmw2010. You're not too bad at this lark for a 'Newbie'. Now if you could just sort out a Lollipop root solution that would be great ;-p
  10. Touch wood and all that but I'm now downloading lollipop at normal/high speed
  11. I was able to flash both of dmw2010's update.zips from cwm but wifi still borked. I've managed to download 4% of the 420mb update and update a few apps but that's it.
  12. Is there a full flashable cwm backup including other partitions somewhere? I'm thinking we might need to update the radio/wireless... How are you getting on @Jurgen_W?
  13. Brain's latest R1 image? Do you mean Paul's Rooted Image for 20150106.154003 (r1) in his how to root post?
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