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  1. tcpaulh

    New update Sept 15

    @mad cabbie It's made by pegatron. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
  2. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Yes, many thanks dmw2010. You're not too bad at this lark for a 'Newbie'. Now if you could just sort out a Lollipop root solution that would be great ;-p
  3. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Touch wood and all that but I'm now downloading lollipop at normal/high speed
  4. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    I was able to flash both of dmw2010's update.zips from cwm but wifi still borked. I've managed to download 4% of the 420mb update and update a few apps but that's it.
  5. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Is there a full flashable cwm backup including other partitions somewhere? I'm thinking we might need to update the radio/wireless... How are you getting on @Jurgen_W?
  6. tcpaulh

    very helpfull file possible sticky?

    Brain's latest R1 image? Do you mean Paul's Rooted Image for 20150106.154003 (r1) in his how to root post?
  7. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Here's a logcat logcat.txt
  8. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Thanks dmw2010 :) Update.zip installed ok. Wifi issue remains. Can't connect to play store or check for hudl updates. The thing is it works for a minute sometimes then drops. I did manage previously to complete google account setup via wifi and this is still in place. Clearing data / cache on google services etc. It's the weirdest thing. I've managed to connect to play store and downloaded 4mb of 50mb update to google play services and wifi just gives up. Goes down to one bar then disconnects. Same story with hudl updates and web browsing. It grinds to a halt. Reconnect results in "authentication problem" which persists until reboot. Hmmm
  9. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    The good news is 20140924 has it back running again. The bad news is that Wi-Fi is crippled. It connects after booting but then consistently disconnects after a few minutes then comes up with "authentication error". This makes it hard to download any further update. I suspect that downgrading using Paul's prerooted images leaves something screwy with the modem partition. Paul specifically warned: Somebdy posted that they'd had luck downgrading and seeing as I was in a boot loop I thought it was worth a try.
  10. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    Trying a factory reset... Yay, update loop: download, apply, fail, repeat So, trying the escape method @ http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/373642-how-to-root-your-hudl-2/?page=16#comment-2248479 OK, I had to hold down the left comma rather than the microphone key but am now flashing one of the other 2 pre-rooted rom images in the "how to root" post.
  11. tcpaulh

    Integrity Check Failure?

    My /system was modified so I flashed Paul's latest rooted image in order to allow an upgrade path to lollipop. The process went smoothly except now when I try to apply to 314mb update it fails the integrity check. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers :)
  12. The problem is with Gmaps V9. The apk link on first page is V8. I'm hoping google fix the issue in a future update too.
  13. tcpaulh

    [ROM] [4.2.2] ChigonTech

    The registration and download 'installer' requirements at the above site are a pain. I've uploaded the rom to http://www.solidfiles.com/d/5d7cc7e94b/AOSP_ChigonTech_4.2.2_Multi_Rom_Coolpad_Great_God_F1_8297W.zip
  14. yeah it was a thing of beauty. I'm not a fan of bloat but lg made real improvements to the os/gui compared to aosp. Right now it's a brick though.

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