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  1. My m3100 has been fine up until a few weeks ago, when it would hang now and again, but taking the battery out and putting it back in cured it for days or even weeks. I should've taken this as a warning sign and made a backup but with one thing and another, that didn't happen. This evening, I received a text message from a friend and it didn't display their name - only the number. Bit odd, I thought... On trying to go into Contacts, nothing happened. Calendar - nothing happened. Text messages - no messages there. AARRGGHH!!! So I powered down and rebooted the device and after displaying various version numbers, it just hangs on the Orange screen. I've tried taking the battery off for a while, soft resetting it... Everything except hard reset, because that will lose all of my data. Bootloader mode works ok. Is there any way I can backup or dump my data from here, before attempting a hard reset? The last time I sync'd was about February (silly I know) and there's quite a lot of important stuff on there. I'm really kicking myself for this one, as I should've backed it up more recently. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Richard

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