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  1. after a good few years, i have returned :-P

  2. take the housing off and turn it up side down :rolleyes: i wonder if there is a problem with the G-sensor?
  3. I'm ording this from ebay its cheap but hopefull it will do the job. will post what its like when it arrives
  4. i have pda i900DXHJ1/dzhj1 want to go back to the uk rom i have changed to to uk, opened update with XVi32 and looked for the second from bottom i900XX and changed it to to i900DX and edited the reg "custom" string to xxhg1 with resco and i can't get it to work:( still getting incorrect software version
  5. are you using the supplied data cable? I found i couldn't charge my omnia from my usb solar charger, xbox360 or Ps3 with the data cable, so i bought a retractable usb charger cable on ebay and it works, also look at the pins (side that connects to mobile) of the data cable and the wall charger, they are different, i suspect that the data cable is made so it will never give a proper charge.
  6. Would that be the one in Ashford? its an out sourced contractor called SBE-Ltd I sent my 16gb back to samsung's out sourced repair centre, SBE-Ltd, and they replaced it with a 8gb one B) , after weeks of tossing and towing they are going to replace it again. The first one i sent back that wouldn't charge due to a hardware fault they didn't seem bothered about it having a different firmware on it (at least they never said anything)
  7. can anyone find or provide this rom? I'm restoring my omnia back to its orginal form as it is being sent away and replaced
  8. I found this on ebay, but i think it looks tacky
  9. Yes, the update will format the phone, so back up everything you want to keep
  10. Can't try this rom Since i'm using DTHJ5, even if i enter MSHG1 and download the updater checks the software version. anyone know where i can find an copy of XXHG5/MSHG1 B) and before someone says try searching, search is broken atm, all i get is.. The error returned was: There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to localhost:3312 failed B)
  11. A good bargain, I'll have to get one ordered on payday Oooo... Freeshiping on orders over £40 too :wacko:
  12. I dont think the the onmia can be charged properly with the supplied usb data cable, look at the end that you plug in to the omnia and compare it with the mains charger, the pins are different. From my experance The data cable doesn't charge from protable usb chargers and is very slow via activesync, I've have have had to make my own, I haven't been able to test it yet on my Omnia has gone back for repairs but there is a thread around about a homemade usb charger(no data)
  13. My settings are I900 Software: Com3 Hardware: Com 9 Baud rate: 4800 Access: Manage gps automatically (Ticked) Enhanced Gps: Disabled Auto Download: Disabled Interval: Disabled TomTom Other Nmea Baud rate: 4800 Com 3 Before I go out to get a "first" lock I do click the xtra data download. When it comes back from samsung i'll try with out downloading. I'll also try it at work, where my old N95 could never get a lock. peoples location when trying without GPSgate must be a factor. Where I live its a clear view no tall objects in the way. But at work that will be a test.
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