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  1. So heres my problem......I have a T-Mobile Dash and I want to be able to make music with it when I'm on the go. Well, I can't find anything that works with Wm5 or 6 on a Smartphone. So far the closest thing I found was Syntrax for pocket pc. Tried it and it didn't work. So I am posting in hopes that one of you Smartphone Gurus can point me in the right direction. Thanks Dashnoob
  2. dashnoob

    N95 on t-mob

    Thanks X......wow $700....I will stick with my Dash. The N95 is a hot phone.....I seen on a few UK sites that if you sign up for an 18 mo contract you can get it for free. In the states all you get is a Damn Razor Phone for free. I had to extend my T-Moble contract for 2 YEARS to get my Dash $200,and I still feel like a fool for doing that. I guess I need to move to Europe to get a cool phone cheap. Thanks Dashnoob
  3. dashnoob

    N95 on t-mob

    Ok guys, farly new here so bear with me.... this N95 you talk about (Sweet phone)can someone like myself in the U.S. get one of these Phones that cheap? I see you talk about contracts and such but the price is silly......I don't understand?!? Dashnoob
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