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    HTC s310
  1. Mark Ludgate

    Bliss XP S310

  2. Mark Ludgate

    HTC Touch what software

    XDA Developers have the download, if your struggling to find it PM me with your email address and Ill send it you. Regards Mark
  3. Mark Ludgate

    HTC Touch and Blackberry Connect

    Gents, I haven't found a solution but a load of other people with the same problem as me http://www.sems.org/entry.asp?ENTRY_ID=276 Mark
  4. Hi, I have a Touch and my company email is via Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) I hate Blackberry devices which is my company standard so decided to go buy a Touch. I am struggling with getting the Blackberry connect to work the error is constantly "Pin Pending" with no connection. I have read other forums who talk about issues but not found any solutions Has anyone got this to work? My mobile network is O2 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Mark
  5. Mark Ludgate


    Hi Mike, I had a HTC S620 and the screen broke, I manged to get a replacement screen through Ebay then watched a video on how to replace it on You Tube. Try here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-genuine-HTC-Touc...tem360034931113 Good Luck Mark
  6. Mark Ludgate

    Strange text entry problem on HTC touch dual

    I have the MDA Touch and have exactly the same problem, very frustrating I would be happy to disable the 20 key version if I could fine out how. Mark
  7. Mark Ludgate

    Best GPS receiver for Touch Plus/Dual

    I have brought one of these Ill let you know how I get on http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php/818/b...b01756ef3cf96d1 Mark
  8. Mark Ludgate

    Help. SPVE650 won't switch on

    Pop out the SD card then boot the device Mark
  9. I have 2gb Kingston works fine. Mark
  10. Mark Ludgate

    Hopefully not a Silly Question?

    Thanks very much Ill give it a go Regards Mark
  11. Mark Ludgate

    Hopefully not a Silly Question?

    I have tried that but I have the Joggr configured to scroll and it doesn't seem to work Mark
  12. Mark Ludgate

    Hopefully not a Silly Question?

    Thanks for the reply but doesn't seem to work on my phone. Any other ideas Mark
  13. I have a HTC S620 when I recieve an incoming call at times I would like to silence the call without Ignoring it. Does anyone know how to Silence without rejecting? On my VOX if I operate the volume button this will silence, but this does not appear to be the case on the S620 unless I have the Jogger configured wrong. Thanks in advance Mark

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