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  1. Mervin, great app! Thanks :rolleyes: On my WM6 Vox i am running TPC 2b4 as a standard non hidden task, always in the tasklist, and the speed setting is working fine. Now if i watch a video, the screen goes DIM after a few seconds - which it shouldn't and also doesn't do if i exit TPC. Any ideas on that issue? And is there a way to set the fastest clock setting to 252 or 264 somehow? Thanks & good luck in finding the souce, i can feel with you... Sven
  2. it didn't happen to me so far, but i have a similar issue: sometimes the "send" softkey in sms app doesnt work - "send" just blinks once but nothing else happens. then i have to save the sms as draft and out of draft i can then MOVE it to outbox (send doen't work there either)... that is a weired workaround but works... anyone seen this on his vox?
  3. Paul, that's magic! shame i sent back my uk S710! and now i am still waiting for my german version... if i only knew!!!
  4. mine - bought from expansys - has english dutch czech greek romanian polish portugese slovak turkish hungarian but i am sending it back right now (just did a reset, nearly made me cry!) to have it replaced into a german version :D so for you the standard english version should be fine - and btw, it is a SUPERB PHONE. i really love it. and i got skype to work also, just by the wm6 standard installation. now it needs 3G ;)
  5. don't know about the keys but... ...the os language thing is worse than expected: i have the s710 in my hand (390e from expansys) and it has english plus some languages - mainly eastern europeans - but no german (which is what i need, too..). so i guess there's a western and an eastern model - bad luck so far. i don't know how to add a language, but at least for xt9 it is much needed... i didn't get a reply from expansys yet but yesterday they added a german s710 version "on order"...
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