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  1. Steve, I had a similar problem with another installer .CAB on our i200's And this is not necessarily a problem with the device. I suggest you explore the installer cab, on your PC (basically a zip file) and open the xml file in there with an editor, you will probably find entries like "MaxOSVersion - 5.99" or very similar, and further down this xml file you might find references to a specific processor that is needed. So what you need to do is to edit this xml file, value 5.99 --> 6.99, and possibly remove the entry regarding the processor. (Try changing the value first...) With this edited xml provisioning file in place, you need to recompile the cab. I would like to recommend you to look for a proper xml editor that will present the xml, as in hives just as in a registry editor. for safe and easy editing There is also great cab GUI's for cab creations/recompilations..... Good luck. PS. Iet us know if you get stuck, and I will let you know more details on editors suitable - names has slipped my mind at the mo. Martin
  2. Svedis

    Customise MTeoR Button Functions?

    Cheers kongocui ....found that one aswell after a while, but how about "Short_VT" or another shortcut name to put behind the button. After dismantling the AKU 3 ROM and putting KEYBDDR.DLL under the microscope there is no traces of any Short_VT. There seems to be hidden ROM-Static "Tmail.lnk" in the Windows folder though, which is that I assume the button is using rather than "Short_VT" . Can somebody tell me how to modify this static .lnk using a .cab file (to use OTA) That would save me quite a bit of hassle.... Looking forward to anybodys reply,
  3. Hi, When composing a new email in "Outlook e-mail" and then inserting a recipient from "Contacts" - the information that is taken from this contact, and added in the "To:" field, shows up as "Mr. John R. Public" "[email protected]" ....this format is for some bizarre reason not accepted by the OneBridge-client, GW Anywhere Syncserver or the Groupwise server. Is there anyone out there that can tell me if the default import of contact data from the "contact store" to the email "to:" field can be modified to only include the email address ?? .....since manually entering this makes all work brilliantly. Common now all you hackers out there......show me the money (pleeeease)! :-) Best, Svedis
  4. Svedis

    Customise MTeoR Button Functions?

    The "trigger shortcuts" ID for the IE-Button is "Short_POC.ink" and "Long_POC.lnk" and should be put in the \Windows dir (Long* for Looong key press, and Short* for Short key press) They are not there by default, but you may add them yourself. (There is also "SHORT_CAMERA.lnk" for the camera button...and "long" i guess) In the shortcut, you just add the path for the app that you like. Forinstance... "tmail.exe -service "ActiveSync"" (without the last "") (Used this example to flag that "inbox" is called "ActiveSync" ...at least in AKU 3.3.1) Thats SOME of them...been Googling myself for a week now in this matter regarding the "Message button" Please anyone....HELP....I REALLY NEED TO MODIFY THIS BUTTON !
  5. Dear all, Can someone please tell me the trigger/ID for the device specific "Message Button" (the one with the envelope symbol) on the HTC MTeoR. just as the "trigger shortcut" ID for the IE-Button is "Short_POC.ink" and "Long_POC.lnk" there must also be a HTC specific ID for the Messaging button on the HTC MTeoR. I know the "Short_POC.ink" and "Long_POC.lnk" is not in the \Windows folder by default*, but can be added including the shortcut/path to an application free of choice. (*at least not in AKU 3.3.1) I have been googling for days now..... Best Regards Martin

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