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  1. anyone had any problems receiving txt msgs on orange today?? its well doing my head in, calls and everything fine. just txts dont seem to be coming through, they send ok tho. any ideas?
  2. anyone made or have any C550 homescreens or skins yet? im getting a bit bored of the default ones and my pictures. thank you
  3. can you not just drag and drop it when the phone is syncd? then run it from there? i have no card reader, so cant think of any other way to do it :) any suggestions, need to get my phone decerted tho.
  4. Just got mine also, very impressed. anyone know if the OTA security unlock thing needs to be done? or will all apps work straight away? cheers.
  5. grrr i want mine now, it should be here in the morning tho, think i can wait a little bit longer, where have you seen it comes with a 512mb mSD? i thought they all came with 128mb
  6. ive just ordered mine this afternoon also! should be here thursday/friday also upgrading from a E200! cant wait.
  7. problem is tho, they dont actually have any stock of this, obviously until orange actually release it....
  8. or me! or on the website! or in the shops! telling porkies i think
  9. Orange are still not budging on this one this week, they still claim to have no info re: release dates, bugging me a bit now, cos im desperate for a new phone
  10. is it possible to pre-order? whenever ive spoke to the upgrades department about this phone they always claim its still in testing and to expect it sometime in july but not sure when....
  11. this is fantastic news, hopefully i can get one of these on free upgrade, definatly worth waiting as im due an upgrade now and really desperate for a phone, my E200 has given up the go. dont suppose theres any point me contacting orange now is there and registering my intrest in one?
  12. luckily im due a upgrade on my contract right now, i actually just phoned orange up today before i'd seen this to enquire about what phones i could have, they said they didnt have a date for this yet, and i was almost swayed to another phone. might as well wait for this now! anyone any idea what kind of price a upgrade will cost, are SPV's generally free upgrades?
  13. very nice homescreen pal! love eagles as well!! any chance of a NE pats one??
  14. heya, having problems running the decert OTA. done it 3-4 times now and it says successful but it still appears locked. its a brand new e200 is there an issue with these?? also tried application unlock but wont run either! anyone got any advice?
  15. damnit, i hope this app gets reposted soon as frickin orange wont unlock mine! sounds way cool
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