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  1. That's not too far off what I jokingly said earlier! You're a git and I still hate you :D
  2. Paul sends email. . . "Hi, I own Modaco.com and would like one of these to play with (includes url link)" Provider replies . . . "certainly sir, there's one in the post for you with our compliments"
  3. Sorry, I just couldn't resist ;)
  4. MPXtricky

    Ask me about SMARTPHONES!

    photos are good - video a bit blocky. What resolution is it capable of in video?
  5. Just picturing someone holding one of these to their ear has me grinning!
  6. MPXtricky

    Ask me about SMARTPHONES!

    I bet the phone manufacturers or networks send them to you for free too huh? I hate you - I hate you!! ;)
  7. MPXtricky

    Amiga Emulation on the Hermes

    Is there not a port of MAME for PPC? bloody ace emulator that was
  8. MPXtricky

    Why is USB so slow on Vario2

    You have an SD adapter and card reader and you still use USB for large files? ;)
  9. Stereo output - great (with headphones) One speaker (like two would be any use on a phone anyway)
  10. Doh! now why did I not think of that? wot a [email protected] Cheers mate
  11. ...has anyone bought new stylii for their Hermes? where from? (I tried an 02 Xda mini II one but it looks like it's made for the other side of the phone) Thanks
  12. MPXtricky

    Random sound playing!!!

    Fixed with a hard reset (and all the fun that goes with re-installing apps and registering them)
  13. ... every few seconds after booting my M3100 is playing one of the sounds. After a while the frequency changes to every few minutes. I have scanned the registry and nothing is set to play this particular sound ;) Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  14. MPXtricky

    Original Tomb Raider game

    Fantastic!!! cheers matey :)
  15. A friend of mine had this game on his iPaq ages ago. He never use his iPaq these days & never plays Tomb Raider either so I asked him to let me have it to try it out on my M3100. It started up great and worked a treat......... except for one thing. I played the first level up to where the first bear appears, and then tried to find the 'ring' menu in order to save/quit the game. Me and the Mrs were watching 'Benidorm' at the time and I was laughing so hard, I must have pressed the right combination cuz there it was... I got to save the game right at that point. But, I don't know what keys I pressed or how I got the menu up. The game port was made by Ideaworks 3D if that's any help. The help pages say use 'E' to Exit and Save, 'O' to Display Options and Load/Save but don't work..... :) Does anyone know to do this? Many thanks

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